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Welcome to:
Mass Effect 1 Updated/Improved Textures Mod

Hello Mass Effect modders and mod users,

I'm trying to fix some of the "uglies" in ME1 and give it the polished look the epic story line deserves. So far I have updated/re-textured: Light and Shadow Maps on walls and floors, Kaidan, Tali, Garrus, Wrex, Liara, Saren, Benezia, Udina, Council, Anderson, Joker, Chakwas, Geth, Colonists, Scientists, Keepers, Normandy, Mako, many NPC clothings, Geth ship, volus, hanar, elcor, some armors and default character armors including N7 armor (of characters re-textured). This was Acheived by texture editing (up-scaling, re-painting, adding details, adding textures, adding bump maps, and rebuilding normal maps). Finally, but probably my favorite, I made a new Film Grain Texture to replace the muddy Film Grain with a much less obnoxious ME2 "looking" effect. Now you can keep film grain on and still have a crisp picture.

Requests are always welcome :)

Let's get Started:

If you use Origin you must disable "keep this game up to date" feature, if you don't it will revert to vanilla textures after you play the game once.


Apply LAA patch to MassEffect.exe

LAA Link

Download, extract, and run.  Now browse for MassEffect.exe and apply Large Address Awareness Patch

Important: bioengine.ini tweak to fix many normal maps in the game without requiring TexMod. This file is located:

x:\\Users\\xxx\\Documents\\BioWare\\Mass Effect\\Config

**Note any typos will break the game and cause crashes so be careful here**  
All mistakes can be fixed but if you avoid typos it will save a headache in the long run.

Find the following 3 entries:


And change them to:


This will allow you the highest detailed normal maps the game can render without needing TexMod which allows me not to have to modify many many normal maps.

Dynamic Shadow Fix
Use the following Bioengine.ini tweaks:

Find the following entries:

DepthBias=0.030000 or(0.012 if you restored to pre-official 1.2 patch values)

And change them to:


The mod also will install new shadow shaders made by Daemonjax @ the Nexus sites (thank you Daemonjax for the great new shadows) These shaders will implement proper soft shadows and fix the wacky shadows of Mass Effect 1 :)

Now we are ready to download the mod:

DOWNLOAD ALL 7 PARTS of the mod either through the torrent all in one, or the 7 parts direct download on Modb. Now EXTRACT(unzip) ALL 7 PARTS into the same place of your choice and run the ME1UITM.exe. Follow the instructions of the installer.  In 5-10minutes, once the installer has completed, run Mass Effect like you always have and enjoy the mod :)

Mass Effect Troubleshooting:

Mass Effect with or without the mod can crash and have issues!!!!!!! The most prominent issues and crashes are: 

1 Hardware sound issues.  These will cause random invalid page faults and crashes. There are pages and pages online of people with this issue back to 2008. Google is your friend here. Usually a fairly simple bioengine.ini fix which will vary depending on your audio hardware.

2 AMD processors (bulldozer or later chipsets) this is because Mass Effect is seeing AMD and looking for 3D now instruction sets that existed when it was made.  AMD has ditched these instructions in their latest processors causing miss timings and faults in communication between Mass effect and the CPU.  Due to this you will see black textures for characters and have potential crashes/general instability.

link to the bug way before this mod existed:

video of the issue on un-modded game with workaround fix:

Mod Troubleshooting:

Random crashing:
See Mass Effect troubleshooting first!

If all is well, check your bioengine.ini for typos as they will cause invalid page faults, missing mip level/lod/texture loads and many other random crashes.  Better yet delete your Bioengine.ini and run the game, this will create a new one and will guarantee its free of errors. 

If you still have errors, make sure you have applied LAA to Mass Effect.exe

If you have a 32-bit OS LAA can still help, but you need to do the following to allow 3gb usage "the 3.1 GB switch" in 32-bit Windows:

"Run Command Prompt in the Accessories program group of the Start menu. Make sure to run as Administrator manually even if you are an admin on the computer, it requires extra admin rights granted by right clicking and running as an admin).
At the command prompt, enter:

"bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072" (without quotes)

Restart the computer"

Now LAA will work properly on 32-bit systems :).

My shadows on faces are blocky I don't like it: 
You didn't clear your shader cache before running the game because the shadows from Daemonjax completely resolve this problem.

There are 2 ways to clear the shader cache.

1) Find your install directory:...\Mass Effect\Binaries\ and run MassEffectConfig.exe. On the left hand sidebar, select the Repair option. Click the Delete Local Shader Cache Files button. That's it, you can close the config program and start the game normally and it will load the new soft shadow shaders.
2) Find your My Documents directory: x:\Users\xxx\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Published\CookedPC\ and delete the file named: "LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk" That's it, you can now start the game normally and it will load the new soft shadow shaders.

Textures aren't showing up and/or are black (not the black character bug on Noveria this is and AMD processor issue):
This is a result of an incomplete install:

Check your "CookedPC" folder after installing the mod it should be at least 16.7 GB (some languages/regions may be larger) anything less means you will have missing textures, usually this happens as a result of not running the installer as administrator or using a previously modded Mass Effect as a base install. If you cannot get the install to the full 16.7GB or more, there is a work around. When the installer asks for your Mass Effect folder instead, point the installer to a new folder you have created, run it, and then copy/cut and paste all installed folders, should be 11.2GB, into your Mass Effect folder and say yes to overwriting.

Some textures (N7 armors Garrus face etc...) are shimmering it's annoying:

To get the mod to work I had to force these textures to load at full lod meaning 4096x4096, since no one has released affordable 4k monitors I'm guessing your running resolution will be lower than the source texture, and due to the fact that is full lod you will see shimmering unless very close to the texture.  A pretty decent fix is to force SSAA (ATI/AMD cards) and SGSSAA (Nvidia) these options with high enough setting should stop the shimmering or at least minimize it so it's less annoying. If you use Nvidia the new DSR features in the drivers also work very well to diminish shimmer, running the game at 4k resolution or above should completely resolve shimmering in most cases.
Blurry Femshep Armor\Face Textures in Character Create Menu:
This is a trade off, currently ME3Explorer has trouble with a few textures in ME1 (which isn't surprising as ME1 was after thought for the program), this issue directly relates to the shimmering texture issue, however I had so many complaints about the N7 armor that I decided to leave the mips in. The low res in the character create menu is the reason for the mipmap fix in the first version of the mod. Now the armor and face will not shimmer in game but will look blurry in the character create menu only. In the rest of the game, all menus etc... the textures render properly. When/if ME3Explorer gets a fix for the issue I will update the mod.

If you still have problems post them here and we will work them out, this is a brand new version of the mod in both textures and form so we are all learning, with the infinite number of hardware configurations out there we are bound to need to fix a few things to get it running on those configurations.

Mod spotlight by CaptainShack from TheXpGamers

Thank you for the spotloght :) 

Video Showcase By Darzkai

The video shows the mod running with SweetFX to amp up color and contrast, Nvidia forced AO, and a custom  Garrus reticle by Darzkai.  Thanks for making the video Darzkai :)

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