Better Male Bodies
The original male clothing did look farily plump and potato sack-ish, didn't it? This mod fixes that by widening the shoulders, getting rid of some of the flab around the stomach, and giving the ass a lift. It comes across as much more human than the previous model; I'd definitely download it.

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon
Mandalore Alteration
What happens when you get two great modders together to make a mod? I would say something wonderful. Silveredge9 and Quanon team up to bring us a new mod for the game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

What these two talented authors brought you is a new look for Canderous in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords after he took on the role as Mandalore. I need to look into Mandalorian history more outside of finding out from the KOTOR games to better explain it, but I think they modeled the new helmet based on Mandalore the Ultimate who was the Mandalore during the Mandalorian Wars, who Revan had slain to end the Mandalorian Wars.

Now, I couldn�t tell in the readme file, but if I had to guess I would have to say that the modeling work was by Quanon and the texture work was by Silveredge9. The only thing I would have done differently was have the armor color on Canderous match the helmet color to better color coordinate with each other.

The TSL Patcher is used to install this mod. However, if you�re an anti-TSL Patcher type person, Silveredge9 has provided the manual installation option. Make sure you read his readme before you act on it. Enjoy!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

Terran Warriors Robe
Thonli joins the KOTOR modding community with a simple mod that adds a new item to the game, the Terran Warriors' Robe.

The item grants the user a few nifty abilities like Force Camouflage, Force Jump, and increased vitality and Force point regeneration. The robe's appearance resembles Darth Malak's armor--no, not that one. It actually is just a red version of the Zeison Sha armor. There are a few spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing severe. You'll have to use the cheat console or the savegame editor to get the item. So, if you like the bonuses and the look, give it a download.

NOTE: Please leave comments or feedback for the author, especially if you download; it's usually the only reward modders receive for their efforts.

Darth Dementous (1.4)
Darth Dementous has finally released the 1.4 version of his recruitment mod where you get recruit... Darth Dementous, named after his user name for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. That is one way to get people to remember you. One thing about this recruitment mod that I have noticed with the other versions is its popularity. I believe some of it has to with the fact that it replaces G0-T0. Anything to get rid of that droid is a bonus is probably its biggest appeal. When I first played TSL two years ago on my Xbox, I was surprised by G0-T0 joining your party and very disappointed because I already had a droid that fulfills the astromech droid purposes in T3-M4. I would imagine that is what most people thought. They were hoping like me to get another Jedi hopeful as a new party member instead. Isn�t that the biggest reason why we play the KOTOR games? We like using the Force and fight with a lightsaber, right? That is what my thinking was. When I finally gave G0-T0 a fair chance, I learned that he does have his advantages over T3-M4, but that isn�t the point of this mod is it?

Now, enter the author, Darth Dementous. He brings us a new Jedi... err... Sith; a very powerful Dark Lord he is. He comes in as a level 10 Sith Lord. His stats start off at 28 strength, 25 dexterity, 25 constitution, 26 intelligence, 28 wisdom, and 24 charisma. He also gets a +4 in all saving throws, +100 extra hit points, so many Force points that he would never run out in a battle. I would set his setting to Jedi support so he just unleashes his Force powers in battle. He also starts off with 8 computer, 8 demolitions, 20 stealth, 15 awareness, 20 persuade, 10 repair, 15 security, and 22 treat injury. He�s also been given too many feats to list, one of them includes Wookiee Toughness. He�s also got all the Force Powers selected, but I�ve said this before in a review that some may not show up despite that since it�s suppose to be activated by a script, which would include the Force Crush.

This version of this mod now has over quadruple the conversation choices, bugs have been fixed, as from previous versions, Jedi are trying to hunt down your new recruited Dark Lord. Also you will have opportunities to join the Dementous order. Lots of options for you to choose from if you dare go for it. And of course, enjoy this new mod.

There's also a mod patch for this.;73461

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

Angelus6 Skin Pack - Party (1.1)
If you�re into seeing a makeover of skin changes to your party members, this will be one of those mods plus a few extra changes to go along with it in the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Ten of your possible party members will have changes done to them. Only Atton and Hanharr are you two possible party members who won�t be changed.

Angelus6 is making his FileFront debut with this skin pack. The big oversized tank droid you confront on Telos before taking off for the Polar Academy is only non-party member that has had any changes done in this release. It�s hard to see in the miniature shots in one of the screenshots that much has been done and what the author did is change it so it has some greens put on it.

The thing about the Kreia skins is it looks like the author darkened the robe for time you travel which will probably bring out the green tint in the model that for some reason Obsidian put in there. The Traya conversion has some red markings put on it that you may not notice again in the screenshot because Evil Kreia textures can be overshadowed again by the green tint put into the model file which shows up really well in places outside of the Trayus Core as evident in the screenshot.

Pretty much the rest will explain itself in the screenshots of what is changed because the changes are more evident in the screenshots. If you really need something new for most of your party members, then this mod maybe screaming for you to download. Enjoy!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

Darth Dementous (1.3)
Well do I have a treat for you guys, I just got this mod from Darth Dementous and even though it is a remake of a recent version he put out 3 months ago it is more improved and more powerful than ever. I am just going to quote the version 1.2 review so you guys know a little of what I am talking about...


Darth Dementous has done another update to his Darth Dementous recruitment mod, or as he likes to refer to as himself. This is the 1.2 version of his third recruitment mod, which still uses the appearance of Darth Nihilus. Darth Dementous� class is a Sith Lord. Still the same as before, Darth Dementous is a very powerful Sith Lord who replaces G0-T0 (I can almost hear the standing ovation now). He will start off at Level 10 as in the previous two versions. If you are new to this recruitment mod, his attributes start off as...

Strength 30

Dexterity 25

Constitution 30

Intelligence 25

Wisdom 30

Charisma 25

Darth Dementous has also fully embraced the dark side of the Force, which means he will start off at 100% on the dark side. As in the other versions of this mod, he has too many feats to mention (which should tell you that he�s loaded ) and has every Force Power selected in his .utc file (nothing new from the previous two versions). Even though I�ve stated this before, I will mention just in case you�re new to this mod that some of the Force Powers in the game are granted by achievement, so don�t be surprised if the like the Force Crush doesn�t appear as a Force Power even though it is selected to be. You may have to use the KSE to get it.

This Sith Lord does have some decent skills starting off like in the last installment of this mod (which doesn�t include the bonus modifiers)...

Computer Use 10

Demolitions 10

Stealth 20

Awareness 10

Persuade 20

Repair 10

Security 20

Treat Injury 20

Another thing to note about this mod is that the Saving Throws section (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves) have been at an extra 5 points each to start out and also practically an unlimited Force Power meter, so no worries about just unleashing Force Powers left and right because he won�t run out.

The author has added new conversations to this mod and now has twice as many conversations as his two other recruitment (Foren Goru and Saria) mods. Also this mod is way more developed than the other recruitment mods.

If you think you need more from this mod to want to download it, in this particular version, three Jedi Masters will now make appearances who are hunting Darth Dementous, so be on the look out for them. Enjoy people!

Now as you can all see from the first review of this mod it is pretty awesome and the stats are spectacular, not only that this mod features even more than the last one so you know that it will be pretty awesome. So I hope you all enjoy this as I know you all will and to the author awesome job keep up the great work.

[New Stats]

These are the new stats...

Computer Use 8

Demolitions 8

Stealth 20

Awareness 15

Persuade 20

Repair 10

Security 15

Treat Injury 22


[More new stats]

Strength 28

Dexterity 25

Constitution 25

Intelligence 26

Wisdom 28

Charisma 24

Fortitude Bonus 4

Reflex Bonus 4

Will Bonus 4

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

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    File Front archiving in progress

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Back in the middle of 2015, quietly shut the doors to its various gaming hub sites (which were much like Nexus sites for game mods back in their hayday in the early to mid 2000s). Over the past few years File Front was extremely out-dated, slow or outright broken in many areas, lacking some TLC that it needed despite still having an active contingent of core users who still frequented their forums.

    While File Front hadn’t really been updated properly in years with most games supported being released before 2010, it contained tens of thousands of files for lots of great (but now) ...(continue reading the full article)
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    Change of Ad Provider

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    While I wouldn’t normally divulge such information publically in a news post due to the “unsexy” nature of talking about advertising, and because most of it happens behind the scenes anyway, I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t update people on this topic.

    A little under two months ago we announced and released our new ad reporting functionality. The idea was to provide a very easy method to report bad ads that might come up on the site. Most importantly, for us, it was a way of gauging just how bad a problem bad ads were on our provider. Bad ads being defined as ads with auto playin ...(continue reading the full article)
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    Changes to our file uploader and large file uploading fix

    posted by BlindJudge Site News
    As you are all probably aware we have had an issue for many, many months now with our file uploader not being able to process large file uploads (typically files above 300MB in size). During this time we’ve been working with mod authors to manually upload large files to our database for them. Obviously this isn't ideal for either you or for us, so we've also been working diligently behind the scenes to get a new uploader coded for the sites. We've finished work on this new uploader and it’s now live and available to be used on the sites.

    This new uploader brings with it a number of new bene ...(continue reading the full article)
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    SSL Testing on Nexus Mods

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    Just a quick heads up that we're currently testing out the implementation of SSL security across the Nexus site (not the forums, yet).

    The switch has been flicked and you should be seeing a nice padlock in your URL bar while browsing the site. Some pages aren't showing a green padlock yet due to links to the non-SSL side of the forums.

    While initial testing has been positive, we'd appreciate it if you could let us know if you notice any errors, issues or anomalies browsing the site today as we cannot extensively test every single last nook and cranny of these sites as effectively as a f ...(continue reading the full article)
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    Wanted: NMM Testers and Focus Group

    posted by BlindJudge Site News
    We’re currently in the process of adding new features into Nexus Mod Manager, Robin covered it briefly in a previous news post, so I’ll try and expand a little more.

    What we are aiming for with NMM is a piece of software that will make the installation, management and visibility of mods incredibly easy and open. You see a mod you like on our site, you click ‘Download with NMM’ and have it seamlessly downloaded, unpacked and placed in the right location with minimal fuss. Don’t like the file, then click to uninstall and NMM will go through and ensure that all remnants of that file are ...(continue reading the full article)
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    Downloading issues

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Update: This issue should now be resolved.

    Hi folks,

    We're aware of some issues with our download mechanism today which certain users are experiencing on certain files. The problem stems from our current work trying to get the sites switched over to a fully SSL secured system -- a complex and costly procedure we've been working on for some time now to better secure our sites and your user data.

    Because the way this is affecting the CDN, this issue is likely to get worse before it gets better as the CDN cache begins to empty out. We obviously hope to get it fixed as soon as possible, but it could ...(continue reading the full article)
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    Ad reporting functionality

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    To help us sort out our ad serving we’ve added a new “report this ad” feature underneath any ad placements on the site. This functionality will quickly let us know about the ad placement you’re reporting which we can then pass on to our ad supplier to help them quickly get to the root of the problem.

    A bad ad that we would appreciate you reporting if you see it would be considered as:

    • Any ads with auto-playing sound.
    • Any ads that look like those crazy epilepsy inducing ads of the early 2000s with flashing colours.
    • Any pop-ups. We do not use pop-up ads.
    • Any ads that “break” the page lay
    ...(continue reading the full article)
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    Corrections to file stats

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    It came to our attention last week, in a random forum post unrelated to the topic, that the unique file download stats have been broken for quite some time now. I honestly had no idea this was the case.

    The unique download stat you see on file pages is supposed to tell you how many individual members have downloaded a file. Irrespective of how many times that user comes back to download that file (or multiple versions of a file on the same page) the unique download counter should only go up once per user who downloads from a file page. As an example, imagine a new user goes to the SkyU ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 3 months ago

    Site redesign - 2016 Update #1

    posted by BlindJudge Site News
    Well we've entered 2016 with a productivity bang, all hands are on deck and there is plenty going on behind the scenes here at the Nexus so I thought I'd give you all an insight into what's happening...

    Firstly a quick recap - we began the redesign process in the second half of 2015 by first trying to work out what our users like and dislike about the site. We were overwhelmed with the response to our survey which provided us with a wealth of information, our community is definitely one of the best in the world and it was great to see how truly passionate you all are in regards to our site.

    A l ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 4 months ago

    Coming Soon: XCOM 2 Nexus, New File Uploading Functionality.

    posted by SirSalami Site News
    I still play XCOM: Enemy Unknown and despite it’s age, it still feels fresh to me thanks to thoughtful design and mechanics, classic sci-fi setting, white-knuckle tactical action, and of course mind blowing mods like XCOM:Long War.

    2K has apparently done it again! XCOM 2 has been in the hands of reviewers and word on the street is nothing but praise. It seems they’ve taken the beloved formula of mixing global decisions with explosive tactical action to new heights that include procedural environments, stealth mechanics, and so much more.

    This time around the folks at 2K really seem to have k ...(continue reading the full article)

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