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  • HoAforNexus4to6 for Legend of Grimrock

    Mytol's adventure continues. Mytol must choose his allies carefully if he is to prevent Milos' skeleton hordes from taking over Anderland. Acts 4 - 6

    updated 14:57, 17 Oct 2015 48 3 259,206kb odlivionaddict

  • HoAfornexus for Legend of Grimrock

    Hero of Anderland. Follows the story of Mytol - a hero who must free Anderlad from the skeleton hoards.

    updated 23:33, 24 Jun 2015 71 3 227,293kb odlivionaddict

  • Ogre 2 End Times for Legend of Grimrock

    Ogre 2 takes place 12 years after previous events. Turkum, the Ogre Lord, is dead. But a new Evil is growing deep within Mt. Shwaab. One so ancient, that it threatens humanity itself. You are Prince Urdril. Alone. Presumed dead. Now a slave to the Night-Dwellers. As you sit in your prison cell, a note is pushed through the door. ..

    updated 11:10, 11 May 2015 86 4 10,251kb WaspUK1966

  • Nest of Umconasa.dat for Legend of Grimrock

    My first dungeon I made a long time ago, its a bit short (3 levels).

    updated 11:20, 2 Apr 2015 55 0 9kb sigmer

  • 1000 Portraits for Legend of Grimrock

    A collection of portraits from many different artists and sources. Mostly these are portraits from other games and concept art from other games and movies. I tried to make sure to add all new portraits so you will have no repeats if you download other portrait packs.

    updated 5:50, 12 Feb 2015 413 24 37,098kb ZCD99

  • Survival Beach for Legend of Grimrock

    Your team of four adventurers have been shipwrecked on an island but luckily are able to swim to the safety of a calm and deserted beach.
    The tranquility found in the first few minutes, soon gives way to the discovery of a lever on a nearby wall, as you pull the lever you hear
    a door opening nearby. This door leads to a dark dungeon w

    updated 21:13, 20 Feb 2015 94 2 60kb Halluinoid

  • Ogre for Legend of Grimrock

    Beneath the Church of the Holy Order a Great War had raged between the Church guardians and an army of Darkness. Good prevailed, and drove back the creatures. But it was happening again. The Kings son was attacked at the Church and dragged off into the the Lower Levels. The King has ordered you to find his son, and destroy this Evil forever..

    updated 8:09, 14 Nov 2014 171 16 229,550kb WaspUK1966

  • ISHAR-Portraits for Legend of Grimrock

    All the available Character-Portraits from the ISHAR-Series.

    updated 12:20, 12 Oct 2014 166 8 211kb diceman2k4

  • The Elder of Murwynd Woods for Legend of Grimrock

    Blake Stormarrow is an agent of the King of Theraen.
    You have been sent to Murwynd Woods to meet up with Sultor, another agent in the service of the Kingdom of Theraen.
    The two of you are to investigate strange happenings in that region in the aftermath of the Grimrock explosion.

    updated 1:48, 4 Sep 2014 539 67 88,027kb Skuggasveinn

  • Cursed Legion for Legend of Grimrock

    As your intrepid crew arrive in the dungeon they see a strange hall with 4 sentries posted - as your team move around the hall, they see 4 PITS and 4 alcoves behind !

    This is the puzzle that slowly presents itself to your team, there are four pits - should the team descend? What is the meaning of the sentries? What is their functi

    updated 23:34, 7 Oct 2014 116 3 69kb Halluinoid

  • Grimrock Tileset Resource Installation Guide for Legend of Grimrock

    Text Document explaining a step by step process on how to use tileset resources in The Legend Of Grimrock dungeon editor.

    updated 6:21, 8 Jul 2014 114 7 1kb DemonLord7654

  • The Curse of Gothmog for Legend of Grimrock

    After having defeated the Lord of Chaos (see Back Into the Dungeon), Gothmog went to seek the source of his dark power. He traveled the world, fought many enemies... and the rumor said that he finally found what he was seeking. However, we never heard of him again.

    updated 23:20, 26 Jul 2014 468 53 141,251kb lexdr

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