The Curse of Gothmog
After having defeated the Lord of Chaos (see Back Into the Dungeon), Gothmog went to seek the source of his dark power. He traveled the world, fought many enemies... and the rumor said that he finally found what he was seeking. However, we never heard of him again.
Grimrock Tileset Resource Installation Guide
Text Document explaining a step by step process on how to use tileset resources in The Legend Of Grimrock dungeon editor.
The Voice
You awake on a unknown place without memories.
Cursed Legion
As your intrepid crew arrive in the dungeon they see a strange hall with 4 sentries posted - as your team move around the hall, they see 4 PITS and 4 alcoves behind !

This is the puzzle that slowly presents itself to your team, there are four pits - should the team descend? What is the meaning of the sentries? What is their functi
Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest
Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest is a complete re-working of the entire original game with tons of new puzzles, updated dungeon designs, unique story elements, and more. It has been referred to as "Grimrock on Steroids" and "Grimrock 1.5"
348 Portraits
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