Hereos Arena
You will challange with deadliest warriors of Battle Nexus here, this is not a dungeon, its fight arena. You gotta show all of your skills.

Version: 1.1.1
No ending in the game. Once you finished Level 10 to 11 then you can close the game. But don't worry, another update will air on September and solve the problem. Thx for pl
Lost Halls of the Drinn
Explore the Lost Halls of the Drinn and discover their secrets.
The Elder of Murwynd Woods
Blake Stormarrow is an agent of the King of Theraen.
You have been sent to Murwynd Woods to meet up with Sultor, another agent in the service of the Kingdom of Theraen.
The two of you are to investigate strange happenings in that region in the aftermath of the Grimrock explosion.
Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest
Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest is a complete re-working of the entire original game with tons of new puzzles, updated dungeon designs, unique story elements, and more. It has been referred to as "Grimrock on Steroids" and "Grimrock 1.5"
348 Portraits
From the official LoG forums
The Mine of Malan Vael
Explore the mine of Malan Vael and unravel its sinister secret.
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