• 20 May 2016

    File Front archiving in progress

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Back in the middle of 2015, quietly shut the doors to its various gaming hub sites (which were much like Nexus sites for game mods back in their hayday in the early to mid 2000s). Over the past few years File Front was extremely out-dated, slow or outright broken in many areas, lacking some TLC that it needed despite still having an active contingent of core users who still frequented their forums.

    While File Front hadn’t really been updated properly in years with most games supported being released before 2010, it contained tens of thousands of files for lots of great (but now) old school games. While File Front had closed,, their parent site continued to operate. The Game Front site contained all the files previously located on their File Front properties, plus many many more. Unfortunately, the Game Front site was in even worse shape than the File Front sites were, making it an extremely poor archive of the File Front sites and absolutely horrible to navigate. Game Front file pages lacked any file images, poorly parsed file descriptions and no details about the author of the file.

    Finally, Game Front announced they would be shutting their doors at the end of April, thus condemning hundreds of thousands of files to the void of the internet and all but removing any traces of tens of thousands of very old mods for some classic games from the internet forever. As a result of this announcement many people, sites and communities have been scrambling to save as many files as possible from the soon to be defunct Game Front community. Indeed, the best example I’ve found is at, which seems to be an exact copy of the Game Front site before it went down, complete with downloadable files.

    When we first heard about Game Front shutting its doors we knew that the files would be in safe hands inbetween an team who were working on a full archive of Game Front, and members of the original Game Front community who were working on archiving the forums. However, the File Front sites, including their files, file images and category structure, were not going to see the light of day again in any reasonably usable format.

    As a result, we’ve been working to save as many files from the File Front sites as possible and finding the best method to port them into our Nexus system. As File Front sites were largely like Nexus sites are now in terms of structure, we felt that focusing on the File Front files side of things would be in everyone’s best interest. The focus wasn’t just on not losing the files, but on saving the category structure, screenshots, file descriptions and author information that is actually what made the original File Front sites usable and easier to navigate for the games they supported.

    With help over IRC from some of the archive team working on the backup of Game Front and the help of certain original staffers from File Front and Game Front respectively we think we’ve managed to do that.

    We’re currently working on importing our finished archive work from Game Front into our Nexus infrastructure, and some of the games and files are already available on the Nexus network for you to browse right now including the archived files for the original Star Wars: Battlefront, Supreme Commander and Unreal Tournament 3, among other games.

    We don’t expect these sites to be popular or demanding on our servers, but I couldn’t sit and idly watch tens of thousands of mods for games I grew up with be lost to the internet forever. Games like Soldier of Fortune, Battlefield 1942, Unreal Tournament 2004, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War that are long since past their prime, but are games I grew up playing and downloading mods from File Front for back in the day. I am extremely pleased to be able to archive these mods on the Nexus to keep them safe for the foreseeable the future.

    Our archiving work continues, and will likely continue throughout the weekend and into next week at the current pace. If you have any problems or issues you’d like to report with the archive work please email us at or use the usual reporting methods on the site if you’re a Nexus member.
  • 11 May 2016

    Change of Ad Provider

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    While I wouldn’t normally divulge such information publically in a news post due to the “unsexy” nature of talking about advertising, and because most of it happens behind the scenes anyway, I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t update people on this topic.

    A little under two months ago we announced and released our new ad reporting functionality. The idea was to provide a very easy method to report bad ads that might come up on the site. Most importantly, for us, it was a way of gauging just how bad a problem bad ads were on our provider. Bad ads being defined as ads with auto playing sound, redirects, pop-ups or, worst of all, malware or viruses. I had an inkling, but I had no official figures to back it up.

    Over 8,500 reports later on 115 specific ad placements (in under 2 months)...I have a very, very good idea. I was abso-bloody-lutely livid when the extent of the problem was revealed and sent regular emails expressing my disgust to my provider. Here’s just a snippet:

    We're a part of the problem! We're the reason more and more people are turning to adblockers to secure themselves against this crap. And I think what annoys me most is it's taken me having to waste my coder's time creating an ad reporting even know there was a problem in the first place! It's diabolically bad, and I'm ashamed I'm serving these ads to my users and ashamed I've let it go on for so long.

    While I won’t go into the internal politics that happened behind the scenes that involved me exerting pressure to try and improve the situation, I’m writing this news post today to let people know that as of this Saturday, we will be moving to a new provider. It is my hope that moving to this new provider should provide higher quality, more targeted advertising that is far more reliable and safe for users of the Nexus.

    We’ll rework our reporting system to work with the new provider’s system and I will continue to monitor the situation closely. If it doesn’t work out, we will move again (and again, and again, if necessary) until we find a provider we can truly rely on. Even if it means taking a hit on our ad revenue to ensure the security is correct.

    I wanted you to know that this stuff is important to me and I take it extremely seriously. We work hard to secure our site as much as we possibly can, and it frustrates us that our work is undermined by external attack vectors outside of our direct control that we rely on in order to survive.

    So, from this Saturday, it is my utmost hope that the advertising situation improves considerably. I will update you accordingly, especially in regards to the new “tiered membership” incentivised system I mentioned in the earlier news post linked at the beginning of this article.

    Once we’ve gauged the reliability of the new ad provider we’ll be in a position to launch that system and provide some benefits to those of our users who help to support the Nexus by turning their ad blockers off (or not using adblockers at all) on the Nexus.
  • 06 May 2016

    Changes to our file uploader and large file uploading fix

    posted by BlindJudge Site News
    As you are all probably aware we have had an issue for many, many months now with our file uploader not being able to process large file uploads (typically files above 300MB in size). During this time we’ve been working with mod authors to manually upload large files to our database for them. Obviously this isn't ideal for either you or for us, so we've also been working diligently behind the scenes to get a new uploader coded for the sites. We've finished work on this new uploader and it’s now live and available to be used on the sites.

    This new uploader brings with it a number of new benefits over the old system, on top of providing support for large file uploads again (we've tested with files up to 3GB in size, so far):

    • All users will now be shown a progress meter, showing how much of the file has currently been uploaded
    • Uploads can now be paused and resumed
    • If you close the page by mistake or you are disconnected for whatever reason, you can now reopen the page and begin the upload exactly where you left it (24 hour time limit on uploads, however!)
    • Your file will not have a working download link until the file has actually propagated across our Content Delivery Network. It can take up to an hour for this to happen. This will stop people complaining about your file being corrupt or only partially downloading before it breaks when they try to download your file too soon after you’ve uploaded it

    You no longer need to email or direct message me with your files. Just upload them onto the site as you normally would via your file page admin areas.
  • 26 April 2016

    Fallout 4 Creation Kit Beta and an Important Notice to Survival Testers

    posted by SirSalami Game News

    Mod authors, and those soon to be... the wait is finally over. The Fallout 4 Creation Kit has been released in open beta! This means that everyone can finally get their hands on the software used to create the game. These tools will allow us much greater power and flexibility with which we can continue to expand the Fallout 4 universe.

    There’s mention of mods being available for console players soon as well. I’d say more but I’m just as excited to get into the mix as you are. So here’s the info:

    For those of you that have been participating the Fallout 4 Survival beta (not to be confused with the Creation Kit beta), you will need to once again update your Nexus Mod Manager (0.61.20) as the game’s method of managing plugins has changed again behind the scenes.

    Download the latest version of NMM at with the following link:

    Please note that due to some remaining issues we are having during the migration to HTTPS, the download from the "Install NMM" link will not deliver this latest version. So for the time being, use the link above until we can fix this. Thank you for your patience.

    After updating and ensuring your plugins are enabled in the interface, you should be good to go.

    If you aren’t using NMM or and still wish to enable mods manually, please note that the usage of the plugins.txt file has changed. Though it's still located in your %appdata% directory (i.e., something like c:\users\sirsalami\appdata\local\fallout4), it no longer contains references to core files / dlc plugins. Also, you MUST add an asterisk (*) before the entry for each modded plugin. For instance, a properly enabled plugins.txt file will now look something like this:

    # This file is used by Fallout4 to keep track of your downloaded content.
    # Please do not modify this file.
    *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
    *CMPA +150.esp

    We’ll be updating the wiki to reflect these changes, accordingly.

    It’s important to note that while the Creation Kit supports uploading your work directly to, which seems to be very heavily geared toward end users and console enabled mods, authors will be in no way restricted from distributing their work elsewhere in the same manner they always have. Your creations will always have a home here.

    So, this is what we’ve all be waiting for folks. Go get the kit and get your hands dirty! Though I have a few ideas of my own, I absolutely cannot wait to see the creations you come up with. It’s like a great vault has been opened, or something. ;)

    Good luck, and happy modding!
  • 26 April 2016

    SSL Testing on Nexus Mods

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    Just a quick heads up that we're currently testing out the implementation of SSL security across the Nexus site (not the forums, yet).

    The switch has been flicked and you should be seeing a nice padlock in your URL bar while browsing the site. Some pages aren't showing a green padlock yet due to links to the non-SSL side of the forums.

    While initial testing has been positive, we'd appreciate it if you could let us know if you notice any errors, issues or anomalies browsing the site today as we cannot extensively test every single last nook and cranny of these sites as effectively as a few hundred thousand of you folks today!

    Thanks for your time.
  • 22 April 2016

    Fallout 4 1.5 Update Public Service Announcement

    posted by SirSalami Game News
    "There's not a lot they can do yet other than edit textures and a couple other things, because the Creation Kit isn't out," Howard told Tech Insider. "And once it's out early next year, I think the sky's the limit."
    - Dec 3, 2015, Business Insider: “What to expect from 'Fallout 4' in 2016

    As you’re probably aware, the 1.5 update is currently in open beta and will likely be officially released very soon and with it comes the long-awaited Fallout 4 Creation Kit. Along with this, Bethesda is changing the way plugins will be handled by the game.

    The result is that mod management software, including our own Nexus Mod Manager, will need to be updated to adhere to the new standards being set by Bethesda. Thankfully, by providing access to the beta updates, Bethesda has allowed us to be able to preemptively make the changes needed to NMM so that when the patch does arrive, you will be affected as minimally as possible. However, there are some things you need to be aware of:

    When the Fallout 4 1.5 update is released, NMM users will need the to have the latest version installed. With that done, the first time you open NMM with the Fallout 1.5 update installed, all of your plugins will no longer be enabled. If you take advantage of NMM’s profile system, this can be most simply resolved by selecting “Import load-order” from the “Profile” menu, which will enable all of the the plugins associated with that profile at once. Otherwise, if you are not using an NMM profile, you will need to enable each plugin again in the usual fashion, either by selecting the plugins and clicking the green check-mark, or simply double-clicking each one. This is only a one-time thing that you will be reminded of the first time you open NMM with the 1.5 update installed.

    Other mod management software (such as Mod Organizer) may handle this differently so be sure to check with them to understand what steps you may need to take. To those of you that prefer manual installation, the process has also been slightly streamlined so we’ve updated the wiki accordingly.

    It’s important to remember that the amazing work that the Fallout 4 modding community has accomplished so-far has all been done without official support or tools from Bethesda. The pending release of the Creation Kit will not only provide the tools needed to make more expansive changes to the core game that we’re all looking forward to, but also likely more education directly from Bethesda themselves. Hopefully all of this leads into a healthy relationship between us and the new mod repository, as well as the upcoming console modding community.

    Very exciting times, indeed! This is going to be a unique transition period for the Fallout 4 community and we’re hoping to help make it as seamless and fruitful as possible. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments!
  • 21 April 2016

    Wanted: NMM Testers and Focus Group

    posted by BlindJudge Site News
    We’re currently in the process of adding new features into Nexus Mod Manager, Robin covered it briefly in a previous news post, so I’ll try and expand a little more.

    What we are aiming for with NMM is a piece of software that will make the installation, management and visibility of mods incredibly easy and open. You see a mod you like on our site, you click ‘Download with NMM’ and have it seamlessly downloaded, unpacked and placed in the right location with minimal fuss. Don’t like the file, then click to uninstall and NMM will go through and ensure that all remnants of that file are removed and your game functions exactly as it did previously. We’ve not really scratched the surface of advanced modding techniques yet, but we’ll get there once we’ve sussed out the simple stuff!

    The thing is, with a bare-bones team behind the scenes here at the Nexus, testing and bug finding is a very long and tedious process, and we often miss things that an extended team might pick up on. So we are looking to find some current users of the NMM to join Robin, myself and the team in testing the future builds and helping us develop a concise and user-friendly bit of software.

    You will be added to a closed focus group that will be dedicated to the NMM platform and be able to try out new test builds before we publish the new version to the masses. It’ll be your job to try and break the test builds and inform us of the problem so we can fix it.

    If you fancy joining in then either drop me a PM through the site or an email to and I will send you an invite through a piece of software called ‘Slack’ We have once again had such a huge response that this group is now full... Thank you so much to everyone that has volunteered!

    Here we will have a number of channels where you can discuss bugs you find for a particular build, ideas you have for improving the software or even just to chat about the weather. Within the group you will have direct access to Robin, Tom, Dave and Myself along with the NMM developers and with all of us working together we’ll move the NMM platform onwards and upwards.

    Our current tests involve the new ‘Profile backup and sharing’ functionality. Here a user can save their mod profile and have it backed up on the Nexus Mods site. This profile can either be kept as a personal backup, available only to yourself, or it can be shared with other users, allowing them to download any mods they’re missing from your profile and have it setup exactly how you have it (including scripted installer options, installation order and load order). The result being they can play their game with the exact same mods and options as yourself.

    In addition, we'd like to invite those of you interested in directly helping us with the development of NMM to the new repo we've opened on Github. Though NMM has always been open-source, we're hoping that the well-known Github interface and functionality will inspire even more collaboration. We're always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things as well as expanding NMM's feature-set. So, if you're familiar with modding and software development, your contributions will undoubtedly go a long way in helping us offer a better modding experience for everyone.

    Thanks to everyone for their assistance

    Kind regards

  • 29 March 2016

    Fallout 4 Survival Mode Beta

    posted by SirSalami Game News
    Bethesda Announces Fallout 4 Survival Mode Beta

    This is to ensure that the new features can properly be tested. If you have previously opted-in, you must opt-out of the beta via Steam to continue using mods.

    Phew, with that out of the way… the Survival Mode beta has launched! There is a lot of exciting stuff to take in here: the wellness system (which simulates hunger, thirst, and exhaustion), all new illnesses and antibiotics, crippled and broken limbs, and a long list of other masochistic immersive features to enhance gameplay! 

    Image: “Not So Tasty” by Xazomm

    As a big fan of the New Vegas Survival Mode and an even bigger fan of Skyrim's survival mods such as Frostfall and iNeed, I'm really excited about these additions. I think they'll add the desperate yet rewarding post-apocalyptic feeling that I felt was slightly missing after New Vegas. Bethesda even mentions four tenets of design regarding the new features: Strategy, Exploration, Resource Management, and Role Playing. Nice.

    Sure, it'll likely be more difficult but as they say, nothing good ever comes easy. As one of the developers noted:

    “My routine is completely different this time around. Sanctuary is my sanctuary. Each day I venture out in search of supplies, and I return home with stuff. I take it one day at time. I need to live.”
    – Rick Vicens; BGS Animator, Survivor

    Image: “Show Off Your Settlements” by “Corfus

    Sounds awesome! So if you're ready (remember, this update will disable modding while opted-in), give it a try and be sure to provide feedback to Bethesda. After all, it is a beta test and I'm sure your input will be invaluable. For the full story, head-over to the the official Bethesda Blog.

    Good luck, out there!
  • 18 March 2016

    Downloading issues

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Update: This issue should now be resolved.

    Hi folks,

    We're aware of some issues with our download mechanism today which certain users are experiencing on certain files. The problem stems from our current work trying to get the sites switched over to a fully SSL secured system -- a complex and costly procedure we've been working on for some time now to better secure our sites and your user data.

    Because the way this is affecting the CDN, this issue is likely to get worse before it gets better as the CDN cache begins to empty out. We obviously hope to get it fixed as soon as possible, but it could take some time. Hopefully hours, rather than days!
  • 16 March 2016

    Skywind is coming to Nexus Mods

    posted by SirSalami Mod News
    Today, we’re excited to announce that Skywind, the project that is re-imagining The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in the Skyrim Creation Engine, is coming to the Nexus!

    In the past, Nexus discussion on the project has been moderated due to Bethesda’s stance that exchanging assets between their titles is not a situation they can condone or legally support. So for the past three years, the Skywind developers have been working tirelessly to rectify this by creating brand-new models, textures, heightmaps and audio. Literally hundreds of volunteers and more than an estimated hundred-thousand hours have gone into meeting this requirement.

    The results are stunning, to say the least. Due to the incredible amount of work that's gone into recreating Morrowind from scratch, we are now able to happily support this project along with Bethesda. If you’re just now hearing about it or if you need a refresher, then please check out their latest developer video, “The Making of Skywind IV”. It’s a fantastic look at 4 years of hard work and a testament to the dedication of the team.

    Much like modders have made all Elder Scrolls games the long-lasting successes that they are, the Skywind developers are hoping that the modding heroes here at the Nexus will join their ranks to become part of the team building Skywind as well. There are many varied openings for contributors, representing a wide range of skill-sets that I’m sure many of you who are reading this can fulfill.

    Though there is no release date for Skywind yet, with your support we can help them achieve this ambitious endeavor. Every contribution is a step towards this goal, so if you think you might have some time and skills to offer, please visit them at the TES Renewal Project website and fill in the volunteer form to get started!

    As it nears release, Skywind will be treated as its own title here at the Nexus. We’ll be opening forums and file repositories specific to Skywind with the intention that past and future great Skyrim mods can be built or patched to work within the updated framework that Skywind will offer. More info on that later. For now, be sure to check out their site and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any progress.

    So get out there, contribute, and make us proud. Have a good one!