FALLOUT 4 ultra moded 1440p 60fps HQ SYNTH 3 - Old man in bunker by spawn00000
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Synth is a diminutive for synthetic humanoid and is used to name synthetic intelligence units designed by the Institute to look, function and behave like humans. They are sometimes also called androids or artificial humans. They are found in the Capital Wasteland in 2277 and in the Commonwealth and Mount Desert Island in 2287.

Mods used:
Full Dialogue Interface
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
BodySlide and Outfit Studio custom prest
Lowered Weapons
Armorsmith Extended
Alternate Start
Pampas Set - CBBE - BodySlide
Boss Chests Legendaries
2xs Cover Distance
Stab 4 all
Bashing killmoves
Third Person Melee
Another Life
All armoir parts CBBE
Shaikujin's Better Alerts
Attack my settlements
Craftable armor size
Nuka gear Cbbe
Brahmin Chow
Where Are my provisioners
Hats with Hair
Reginal Agatha modelswaps
Piper makover
Ponytail hairstyles by Azar
Loving Cait
Commonwealth minni dresses cbbe
Delyte charmer
immersive vendors
quieter settlments
Power armor animations
prew war dress retex stand alone
rustyxxls quick and dirty cbbe bodyslide conversions
weareble underwear
mostly female settlers
bobble girl
eyewear and mask
robot home defenses
2pac4eva7's skimpy armor and clothing
unique player
Dialogue camera sensitivity
Tie's vanilla cbbe bodyslide conv
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