Okami Dogmeat Retextures by Ammyeh
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Added: 04/02/2016 - 11:36PM
Updated: 24/05/2016 - 02:46PM

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Last updated at 14:46, 24 May 2016 Uploaded at 23:36, 4 Feb 2016

Oh..how long it's been..I remember my first Okami Retextures for Skyrim-

[it was on my old account kittyehCOUGH]

So of course i'd do it again for Fallout 4! :'D

Future Plans for this Mod:
1.)Importing the Actual Okami Amaterasu Model-
a.)Once that is done, I plan on Retexturing it for Shiranui as well.
[Be paitent, okay? Textures are the best I can do right now-]

2.) DogMeat godly feathers- just replacing Dogmeats' tail & adding the fur wisps around the legs & such-
for those who like the default model, I guess-

3.) Dark Sun Spell // Dark Amaterasu Retextures - [If you have never played the game, essentially what it, is "Dark Amaterasu" - black fur with white markings, with red glowing around them. Looks freakin' badass.]

Mod name changelog:
Changed from 'Okami Shiranui Retexture for Dogmeat'
"Okami Retextures for Dogmeat"

Misc. Info:

Other Dogmeat Retexures i've done:

Wolf Retextures for Dogmeat

The Old Skyrim Okami Shiranui retexture [And my old account] :

Okami Shiranui [Skyrim Ver.]

The Lolita Dress Retexture mod:

Faux Lolita Short Dress Retexture


1.) "Be the dog- Playable Dogs" by: 'Abbalovesyou'