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Added: 27/01/2016 - 09:12PM
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Last updated at 19:40, 3 Feb 2016 Uploaded at 21:12, 27 Jan 2016

Ever get sick of not knowing what to enter into the console for your particular load order?

Modders ever get sick of people asking what to enter for their particular load order?

Are you just lazy and don't wanna try to figure it out?

Help has arrived!

This simple excel file lists load orders from 00 (Fallout4.esm) all the way to FF (255) and what you need to type for each one!

It also includes a simple Help command tutorial at the bottom of the page, for those that are having trouble.

If your Excel cannot run it get an updated version or get an updated Excel reader free from Microsoft's website.

Modders point people in this direction if they are having trouble.