Monster Battle Royal at Spectacle Island by Thuggysmurf
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Last updated at 10:13, 24 Feb 2016 Uploaded at 18:34, 21 Jan 2016

This is a survival mod that spawns various monsters at different points across Spectacle Island to create a massive battle.  The monsters generated are:
20 Super mutant skirmisher (Base ID 000edcc7)
5 Mirelurk Queens (Base ID 000e12ab)
10 Super mutant behemoths (Base ID 000bb7dd)
20 Glowing deathclaw (Base ID 001423a8)
1 Swan super mutant behemoth (Base ID 00056b7c)
50 Feral ghoul reavers (Base ID 0007ed09)
20 Super mutant regular (Base ID 000edcc6)
10 Mirelurk King (Base ID 000b7f95)
20 Radscorpion hunter (Based ID 00020b85)
20 Super mutant master (Base ID 000edccb)
The monsters spawn in groups (e.g. 10 deathclaws in one place, 20 super mutants in another) at 15 different spawn points on the island and gradually converge to fight you and each other.
Here is a video of the mod in action:


There are 3 bat files included in the download. Install all three in your main game folder and you can choose in-game which to run:
1) Monsters.txt:“bat monsters” console command spawns all 176 monsters listed above

2) Monsterslight.txt:“bat monsterslight” console command spawns half as many monsters

3) Monstersultralight.txt:“bat monstersultralight” console command spawns one-quarter as many monsters
Warning: If the regular “bat monsters” command is causing your game to lag or crash, try “bat monsterslight” or “bat monstersultralight”. My rig handles the regular “bat monsters” just fine on a GTX980, i7 4790kCPU with 16GB Ram, but it depends on what your CPU/GPU can handle.  I recommend starting with “bat monsterslight”or “bat monstersultralight” to make sure your game can handle it.  Also, after you enter the bat file console command in game (see FAQ below), I recommend waiting in place 5 seconds before running off to battle.
Q: How to install?
A: Download manually.  Place the monsters.txt, monsterslight.txt,and monstersultralight.txt files into your game folder where Fallout4.exe is
located (not your data folder).  For people using Steam the folder is usually Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4.
Q: How to uninstall?
A: Remove the three text files from your game folder.
Q: How to generate the monsters?
A: Go to a central part of Spectacle Island, open the console using the ~ key, and type “bat monsters” without the quotes, then hit enter and exit the console.  The monsters will appear in a few seconds at 15 different spawn points across the island.
If you want half as many monsters to spawn instead, type “bat monsterslight” instead, without the quotes.
If you want one-quarter as many monsters to spawn, type “bat monstersultralight”, without the quotes.
Q: How is this different than using player.placeatme console command?
A: The “player.placeatme” command places all the monsters right in front of you.  This mod strategically places the monsters at 15 different spawn points across the island to make the battle more interesting, last longer, and reduce the probability of getting killed right away.  It also generates the monsters with one command rather than twenty.
Q: Does this mod require any other mods?
A: No.  But some other mods are likely to add to your enjoyment of this mod.  See Recommended Mods list below.
Q: Where is Spectacle Island?
A: It is an island on the southeast part of the map, located southeast of the castle and northeast of Warwick Homestead.  The island is reachable by swimming or fast travel (use console command “tmm 1” if you want all map markers to automatically show up).
Q: Will the monsters attack each other?
A: Yes, different species will attack each other, but generally not their own species.  The best strategy to survive is initially to run away and let the monsters fight each other to thin their ranks out.  It is difficult to survive the whole battle by standing in one place and fighting head on. You need to run to survive.  But whichever direction you run you’re likely to eventually run into a hoard of feral ghouls or mirelurk kings who will start chasing you, and then you pretty much have to fight.  Save your game before you generate the monsters.  The probability of dying during this battle is high.
Q: How long does the battle last?
A: Depends on your settlement defenses, weapons, number of companions, number of settlers, etc.  For me it usually lasts around 10 minutes.  I find the battle most entertaining when using no settlement traps or turrets (missile, laser, etc).
Q: Do I need to clear the island and set up the workbench there before using this mod?
A: No, but having settlers, defenses, and a two-story house with roof access to run to and regroup may help, so you may want to clear the island and set up the workbench first.
Q: How do I clear Spectacle Island and set up the workbench?
A: Google “Spectacle Island” and go to the Fallout Wiki-Wikia page for a guide.
Q: How do I generate settlers immediately to help me fight?
A: Assuming you’ve cleared Spectacle Island and set up the workbench, using console command “player.placeatme 00020593 5” will generate 5 settlers (for example).  Then in workshop mode you need to assign each settler to Spectacle Island.
Q: Can you add in more than just monsters (institute, raiders, etc)?
A: There is already a great mod for this on the Nexus called Settlement Raiding Mod, which also uses bat files to generate a group of Raiders, Gunners, Brotherhood of Steel, etc.  It is fun to use with this mod (use responsibly, if you generate more NPC’s at once than your game can handle, it will crash).
Q: Can you make this mod for other areas or settlements as well?
A: Feel free to leave suggestions.  Made battles already for some other areas, see "My Battle Mods" below. 
Q: I don’t like a certain type of monster this mod generates, how do I delete or swap it with something else?
A: This mod is just text files.  You can edit the creatures that spawn, or the quantity that spawns, by opening the text file.  The name, quantity, and Base ID of each monster that spawns is listed above.

Q: The mod is too hard/easy, can you make it harder/easier?
A: Without GECK and without quadrupling the number of bat files, the most practical method is just to temporarily adjust the in-game difficulty settings.  A character with level in the low teens should be able to handle this on the "very easy" setting.  The character in the video is level 62 playing on "survival" difficulty.
Q: Will this corrupt or crash my game?
A: There is no .esp file with this, just .txt files that place monsters in the worldspace, so it won’t corrupt your game.  However the game engine has a limit to how much stuff can be going on at once, and the quality of your rig also matters.  If you place dozens of missile and heavy laser turrets in close proximity, spam the bat file, etc., then at some point the activity generated will be “too much” and your game will lag or crash.  For maximum entertainment value, I recommend using no turret defenses on Spectacle Island.  Listening to a dozen missile turrets constantly fire for 10-20 minutes straight during the battle also gets annoying.  And of course, if the regular “bat monsters” command is causing problems, try the “bat monsterslight” or “bat monstersultralight” commands instead.
Recommended Mods (none of these are required):
Settlement Raiding Mod (SRM): If you want to add Raiders, Gunners, Brotherhood of Steel, etc. to the monster battle, you can run Settlement Raiding mod (also bat files) alongside this one. I highly recommend SRM because it features corpse cleanup so the bodies disappear quicker, which will help your performance/FPS if you replay the mod repeatedly in succession.  Also, if you like this mod, chances are you'll love SRM.

Personal Jetpack, or any mod that adds a jetpack. If you get surrounded by too many enemies, sometimes the only way to avoid dying is to fly out.
Better Settlers: This mod generates tougher settlers with better weapons.
Unlimited Followers, or any mod that lets you have more than one companion.
Awesome Armor Effects, or any mod that lets you auto-inject stimpaks, because sometimes you forget until it’s too late.

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