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Last updated at 17:49, 21 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 15:19, 18 Jan 2016

Endorsements are much appreciated! 

I've packed all but the custom texture files into BA2 archives so before updating to 1.3.5 please
uninstall version 1.3. You won't need the uninstall chem just make sure the "Workshopnpcscript.pex" 
and "Workshopparentscript" files are not in your "Script" folder after updating. Also test to make sure you
can still assign settlers before saving after you update otherwise revert back to 1.3 and let me know.  
 Full list of whats been added or changed is in the change log.
Please read known issues before posting a problem.



If you're like me you've spent hour upon hour toiling your little heart out building your dream settlement.
You've spent all this time building a beautiful home for you and your companions only 
to ruin it all by having to place "LEMONADE" stalls that well lets just say stick out like Dogmeat's 
dogmeat. Well this mod aims to fix that by giving you smaller stall options that can be placed 
inside structures and an assortment of props and signs to decorate them with, So instead of having 
your settlement look like the neighborhood kids are stating their own cola war. You can now make it 
look like people actually live, work and hopefully don't get sodomized buy raiders with rippers in 
a thriving community.


  • 6x New stall options with awesome fully snapping extensions! (All snap with HM counters that have snapping functionality)  
  • 3x Med-kits (Because everyone needs a box on the wall filled with drugs)
  • 1x Register (Should spawn a few caps from time to time)
  • 4x Barber Chairs (Because f@ck traveling to vault 81 or DC to get a haircut I'm likely to lose a leg on the way)
  • 4x Surgery Chairs (For when your face inevitably falls off)
  • 1x MK-III Auto-doc (It's better than letting people born with only 3 fingers have at it)
  • 1x Sunset Sarsaparilla Vending Machine & Fridge (Stocked with fresh 200 year old sarsaparilla)
  • 1x Special Edition Nuka Cola Fridge (I just wanted one)
  • 3x Classic Nuka Cola Flavors (Who needs the Matrix when you have glowing cola!)
  • 5x Pinup Girls (Sexy but tasteful)
  • 42x Store Decorations (Including a Festus!)
  • 10x New Flags (Because their flags)
  • 66x New Neon Signs! (oohhhh shiny)
  • 18x Neon Bars (Still shiny)
  • 28x Neon Pointers (Ahhhhhh my eyes)
  • 61x Signs (You f@ckers better know how to read)
  • 4x Butcher Counters (Mummy where's Spot)
  • 6x Livestock Animals (At least its not do....oh it is dog)
  • 3x Fishing Boats (That's the last time I'm eating dog)
  • 6x Marijuana Plants (Hey f@ck you buddy and your dog I'm getting high)
  • 4x Mushroom Planters (Dog...planter...mushroom. Shutup it's all I can think of I'm high)
  • 2x Commandable Guard Dogs (Oi give us a smacko ya cheap c@nt!)
  • And a heap of custom signs, flags and posters for you to create your own designs on.

In all there is over 450 new items for you to use in your settlements.

Far Harbor Expansion:

  • 2x Livestock Animals
  • 1x Farmhouse
  • 1x Commandable Guard Wolves
  • 3x Tanning Racks
  • 3x Store Decorations

New Menu:

  • Decorations/Better Stores


Everything should be fairly easy to find within the "Better Stores" menu. 

To spawn items into the Fridge or vending machine. Build one, save, exit to main menu, reload and enjoy your fresh libations or just wait :) 

To get the plants to spawn just assign someone to one and then fast travel away and then back again and your plants will flower. (Wish it was that quick in real life)

Plants and Planters:

With the plants you have multiple options. After you harvest the plant you will be given a "Bag of Weed" in your junk inventory. You can now either sell this as it is for a large amount of caps or you can scrap the bag for 64 Jars of bud that will be placed into your workshop. Now you can either sell these Jar for a higher combined profit than just selling the bag outright but you can also use them to roll up a blunt or press some oil at any chem station.

Bags of Weed:

Caps: 3000

Jars of Bud:
Caps: 280
Used in: Blunts, Hash Oil.

Caps: 50
Effect: Natural Remedy
Contains high potency anti-cancer compounds. Also works as a natural pain killer and numbing agent. May cause the munchies.

All Jars of Bud: Hash Oil
Caps: 1000
Effect: Natural Remedy
Same effects as the blunts just more potent.

The planter work more like any other plant in the game. Build it assign someone, wait, then harvest. Each planter will give you a different "Jar of Shroomz" which can either be sold for profit or used for their wacky effects. Each jar can also be used at a chem station to craft something useful.

Peril in Pink:
Caps: 300
Used in: Food Paste
Effect: Iron Shroom
Unarmed melee attacks explode targets in a bloody mess on contact and sends them flying for 30 seconds.

Purple Pilgrims:
Caps: 300
Used in: Mysterious Serum
Effect: Blackout
Causes blackouts and wild partying with unknown things in unknown places.

Quantum Caps:
Caps: 300
Used in: V81 Cure
Effect: Quantum Shift
Walk complete unnoticed and untouched through hordes of ragging enemies attacking your friends to steal their stuff and then walk away. Lasts 30 seconds.

Glowing Fungus:
Caps: 100
Used in: RadAway
Effect: Health
Same as normal glowing fungus but stronger.

Custom Items:

All the texture files for the custom objects can be found in "Textures/BetterStores/Flags/Custom" or "Textures/BetterStores/Signs/Custom" ect. And the templates can be found in the optional downloads section.

Nexus member Alexboisot has put together a good tutorial for anyone new to texturing (link can be found at the bottom of the page) and I've also provided a short rundown within the templates to help with the process. Please don't message me asking how to texture use the interwebs!

Install Instructions:

I recommend installing with NMM. Just follow the installer and select the wanted options. If Installing manually, extract the needed files into your data folder.
Manual Installers:
You will need to put the custom files into the corresponding folders or you'll have missing items or even CTD.

Update Information:

Updating from 1.3 should be fairly painless. Just uninstall the old version first (you won't need the chem) to remove the mods loose files as everything minus the custom textures has now been packed into .BA2 archives. Just test to make sure you can still command settlers and send them to other settlements before saving. If you have any problems revert back to 1.3 and let me know.

To uninstall there is a special chem called "BS_Uninstall" that can be crafted at a chem station. Use this chem before uninstalling it just clears the "Decorations" FormList of my menu and helps to avoid any issues like a missing decoration menu.



With the new menu setup it shouldn't conflict with any other settlement mods. It might conflict with any mod that adds an addiction. If you do want to make a new patch for yourself its fairly easy.  

First open Fo4Edit with the two conflicting plugins loaded. Look for the conflicting records (They'll probably be under "FormID List" (shown in red) Now copy as override into a new file. When you select your new list you should now have 4 columns to your right "Fallout4.esm" "BetterStores.esp" "Conflict.esp/esm" "Your.esp" ect. Now its as simple as copying the conflicting records from both the plugins into you new esp list. As a picture speaks a thousand words I've added a picture guide to this process in the optional downloads section. It's very basic but I won't be going over this anymore than I already have. Again use the interwebs!

This method won't fix issues that may be caused be an addiction or the workshop. These are complex things to fix and you will need a fairly good knowledge on how both the CK and Fo4Edit work to attempt a fix.

Known Issues:

At this point any worker assigned to the plants or planters will only be able to farm one at a time. I tried to add new resource types and set them up in the workshop but its a vastly more complex system then I thought when I stated. From what I can tell they should work but I'm obviously missing something buried deeper in the workshop its just a matter of finding it. Until then yeah only one per customer sorry.

The Mushroom planters have nodes attached to both sides. This is so the worker assigned can work on either side. The draw back to this is sometimes if you place the planters against a wall or something the worker will be clipping with the wall trying to get to the inaccessible node. Depending on feed back I might remove one of the nodes in the future to avoid this problem.

The butchers hover slightly. This happens because I had to lift them up so when they enter the counter they don't clip the top.

Animations on the fishing boats may be a bit off. This is so they all look fairly right instead of some looking fine and others casing clipping with the boat and so on.

The male Radstag can glitch out and not load in the menu. To fix this just switch back and forth between the doe and stag and it will eventually load. I've tried redoing the stag multiple times but it keeps happening. So I believe its a problem with the actual game file not my mod.


  • French Translation - Big thanks to Kyrian35 who was nice enough to make a French translation for me.

  • German Translation - Big thanks to LKS555 who was nice enough to make a German translation for me.

Recommended Mods:


  • V1.3.5
  1. Items Added: 1 Sunset fridge, 1 guard dog sign, 6 zoo animals and food items they will stay near.
  2. Items Changed: Workshop edits have been removed. Guard dogs now spawn random versions when built and are commanable. Livestock animals have each been giving a food item they will stay near and the Brahmin, Mirelurk and Radstag will spawn random versions when built.
  3. Bug fixes.

  • V1.3
  1. Items Added: 1 mk-III auto-doc, 1 livestock sign, 1 farm sign, 2 butcher signs, 1 greenhouse signs, 10 neon signs, 2 pinups, 6 livestock animals, 3 fishing boats, 4 butcher counters, 6 marijuana plants, 4 mushroom planters, 4 guard dogs, 1 Nuka bong, 1 Red Rocket bong, 1 Gwinnett barrel container, 1 plain medkit, 1 Nuka clock, 8 custom posters, 8 extra custom posters. Far Harbor Expansion: 2 livestock animals, 1 farmhouse, 3 tannerys, 5 guard wolves, 1 large hide rack, 1 fish basket, 1 fish scales.
  2. Items Changed: Sunset vending machine glow now flickers. Barber and surgery chairs have been moved to mods menus. Menus now work using a script.
  3. Bug fixes, Far Harbor support, Far Harbor Expansion.

  • V1.2 
  1. Items Added: 10 new flags, 8 Institute signs, 10 Railroad signs, 6 stall signs, 28 neon pointers, 33 new neon signs, 3 new surgery/barber chairs, 5 new counter options, 3 pinups, Festus and Nuka clock from NV, barber pole. 
  2. Items Changed: Diner counters returned to normal height and better snapping added, neon's added to drug sign.
  3. Bug fixes, new Better Stores menu, new SK patch, Functional Displays patch, Automatron vendor setup. 

  • V1.1 - Bug fixes, New items, New menus, SK integration, Homemaker patch, FOMOD installer, New file paths.

  • V1.0 - Initial Release


  • Alexboisot - For helping on the forum and his work on the tutorial for texturing the custom objects. Tutorial
  • Kyrian35 - For his French translation.
  • LKS555 - For his German translation.
  • ZombieArron - For his temporary fix that helped some people get version 1.0 working.
  • JGDrummer - For trolling the forum and helping people get version 1.0 working.
  • Blazeda59 aka Me - For all the freakin' work!!!!!