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:: Virtual Camera ::
outdated videos but you get the idea


" Photorealism is an art genre
that isn't only defined as an end in itself, but a means to mimic the photograph language.
It is the concept of using camera and photograph to gather information in order to attempt to reproduce an image as realistically as possible,
with a meticulous attention to realistic details, in another medium in emulation of photography."
The medium being here the 10 years old poorly updated Gamebryo's engine.


  ♦  PRC is an advanced preset
which primary focus on giving body to light and improving the materials while keeping a good and natural color balance with a soft stylized touch.

  ♦  PRC comes with a wide LUT library.
Look Up Tables are small pictures acting as a color library that shifts the color and contrast of an image depending of their own indexed colors.

PRC offers LUTs to emulate famous photograph's films and slides (B&W and color), Instagram effects, color corrections, stylized effects and famous cinematic color grades to easily adapt the colors and the contrasts of the preset, depending of monitor setup and personal tastes or to transform the visual of PRC into something much more stylized while keeping all of its enhancements.

If you are interested in LUTs presets and customization, you should also take a closer look at OLYMPUS ENB by Tom Dean since it offers an even wider range of LUTs than PRC, all also selectable and configurable directly ingame from the Enb menu. -and not to mention that it's also a great and true Enb-

  ♦  Based on photograph, the preset as it comes from the download is the NATURAL LIGHTING one that I use myself, but you can use any optional preset you want to tune your sharpness and lens; with or without chromatic aberration, with clean or dirty lens, with or without grain, with or without depth of field.

  ♦  All are optional effects that are preset and that can be easily changed ingame :

User interface video tutorial

(My apologizes for the potential spelling mistakes, English is not my native language)

Please completely delete any previous Reshade or Enb before installing PRC: enbseries and reshade folders, dxgi.dll, enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini, reshade.fx, d3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46e.dll

PRC install is easy and only requires to drag&drop files into the Fallout 4 main folder.

  1• Download the v0.311 Enb binaries and drop ONLY d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into the Fallout 4 main folder, where the game's .exe are.

  2• Download PRC and drop all the files and folders located in "01 Mainfiles..." into the Fallout 4 main folder, where the game's .exe and the Enb binaries are.

That's it, you're good to go. Have fun!

Depending of your system, the game will take some time to load at launch. This is normal and only because the preset is computing a lot.
Do not touch keyboard, do not click, just wait ; Everything is fine and the game will run smooth afterward.

Once you know what film preset you like and what other film preset you will never use you can use the FILM SELECTOR located in the enbseries folder from your game's main folder:
To disable film presets helps to speed up launch time.


- Artifacts can be perceived with some foliage mods if Lens aberration is set too high because of ingame TAA, as well as some ghosting because of grain and TAA. If it really bothers you, using ingame FXAA instead of TAA fixes the issue.

- Institute by night (from 22pm to 6am) is super bloomy. This place has always been a problem with Enbs. I'm still trying to find a way to fix this.

- Some interior locations don't use interior settings, because the actual enb binaries use the Sky as reference to separate interior and exteriors, and some interior location use sky and so, are flagged as exterior. I tried to disable sky in this places but the result was all buggy, so I'll need to compensate all this place from NAC-PRC plugin later in order to normalize all interiors.

Dimmed pipboy is half on purpose, because this is how would look this kind of screen in real life, and half because I need to drastically lower the input brightness of the game before my corrections and process. For an unknown reason the pipboy UI is linked to it somehow.
If raising the color luminosity from the game's options/display isn't enought you can raise the " fPipboyScreenEmitIntensity " in your fallout4.ini/display settings (or Fallout4pref.ini, it doesn't matter) to compensate. (if the line doesn't exist just create it)

If you have any doubts, my downloads always come with clear labeled folders and all the documentation you need to help you into the
FAQ folder and the ReadMe.txt

> PRC has been build on a calibrated monitor for ULTRA settings with TAA & HBAO+. A resolution of 1050p minimum is required.


press: "End" : to open the Enb menu

Press "Delete" : to enable/disable the Depth of field (blur).

press: "scroll lock" : to enable/disable the shaders*

press: numpad "-" : to toggle the fps counter
press: "printscreen" : to take a screenshot in .png format located in your FO4 main folder

Alternative shortcuts
for left-handed or small keyboards are also available in the optional folder of the download.


You're in the Enb section here, which means you're in the FPS eater section.
If an Enb doesn't cost you FPS, then it's most likely because it isn't doing anything at all beside adding DOF or tweaking RGB gamma, and you'll be better using a simple SweetFX or NacFX with Dynavision to get the exact same result without any fps loss at all.

PRC is an Enb doing enb things that only Enb can do
, and so it computes a lot both in pre-processing and post-processing.

On 1080p resolution with a GTX 970-4Go and an I5 4690k Windows 8.1 with 8Go ram: PRC combined with my visual setup that you can see below costs me around 10 to 20 fps max in some locations like Boston. I'm able to play the game at 45-60 FPS depending of the location, with some usual FPS dips to 25-30, that occurs with or without enb anyhow.

The more there is object to process, the more the Enb has to compute on top of the game, and so the more FPS are lost.
If you use a lot of grass mods and vegetation and meshes objects with an high game resolution of 1440p, you'll lose even more.
There is nothing to do about this, this is no magic but pure math.

Stop asking me about performances on your rigs, how the hell do you think I could know the answer ? It's your machine, not mine.
It literally takes you less than 5 minutes to download, install and try the mod by yourself, and then less than 30 seconds to uninstall it if you aren't pleased.

Read more on how to optimize your system for PRC...


• Credits & Thanks
From the Outer Space:
Shader main code by Crosire, Marty McFly & Lucifer Hawk, GemFX, kingeric1992, PROD80, Roxahris, Scegielski Matso,...
Enb series by: Boris Vorontsov -
DOF code by: Marty McFly
DOF:Screen Archery Tool by: Wolrajh -

From the Nexus:
Modular Shader Library by: JawZ

Flat grading base LUTs and Kodachrome-Kodak5247-Technicolor films by TreyM

And everyone who endorses, gives feedback or adds screenshots in the user gallery: ♥

• My visual Setup  (upd June 2017):
Install/load order:

Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth 0.9
♦ Vivid textures (landscape & trees & rocks: best choice version),
FlaconOil's HD ReTexture Project 2K
Extreme Particles Overhaul
True Grass
♦ Commonwealth Conifers Redux. (let overwrite everything)
♦ PRC enb


PSY-FI: for a vintage cinematic lo-fi science fiction look.
SUGAR BLOOM: for a fruity and colorful look, courtesy of BenderSKR

PAINTERLY: to transform your game into a digital painting.


CINEMATIC FILM LOOKS:  to give a more cinematic feel to Fallout 4, courtesy of TreyM

Thank you for downloading PRC,
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it.
Thank you too if you read all of the description, you're a diamond in the rough.
*Updt 10/03/2017: Considering that I've been working on a daily basis on this project for more than a year now and probably spent more than
1000000 hours working on NAC & PRC and helping anyone or let other people using my work and get donations;
I've finally decided to opened the donation button on my PRC & NAC files.