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Chemist's Cookbook (CCB) adjusts various chemistry recipes by changing which perks are required for crafting them, their potential addiction chance, and the effects of withdrawal. It also changes the name of Med-X to Morphine,  restores the addiction chance of RadAway, and adds in new components such as syringes, inhalers, empty pill bottles, and chalk.

Please be aware that this will make chem crafting a specialized skill set, as it should be. I certainly wouldn't want to be using chems capable of causing cardiac arrest and other terrible side effects which've been cooked up by some random wastelander (or vault dweller, as the case may be). I'd rather trust my addiction to someone who knows what they're doing.

Please visit the readme for complete details regarding the adjusted vanilla recipes and addiction percentages.

[Quick Compatibility]
For users of mods which also change level lists, you must create a merged patch through FO4Edit or only the items from the last mod in your load order will appear in-game. This includes recommended mods such as Mojave Imports and Wastelander's Cookbook.

CCB plays best alongside RebalancerNX Pro, Mojave Imports, and Wastelander's Cookbook. It will conflict with any mods which modify the vanilla recipes and effects of chems in any way.

Patches are provided for: RebalancerMojave ImportsChem Redux, & Crafting Workbenches.

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