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3D fallout 4:

Ever wonder what it would look like to see fallout 4 in 3d?

Major shader enhancements fixes
Graphic settings designed for medium to high  end pc

This project was to mimick a 3d effect within the game. Most effects are seen in vats attack an motion. Granted we cannot create a 3d effect altogether but this was as close  as possible. This is now a standalone 3d mimick generator and graphics tweak in one. It has been made to be standalone use and compatible with all enb or sweetfx. I am personaly using this standalone with no d3d11 or enb at this point. Feel free to use these files at your descretion.

All in all this was the closest I could come to designing a great gameplay without loosing fps
FPS was locked at 60 so that game doesn't act eratictly
The commandline is to help keep your laptop from limiting your resources available
Chrome sparkles, leather shines, water glitters reflections

Please backup document files in case you wish to restore earlier settings

Last but not least, follow my moto, game on and mod like hell

Please remember this is based on my personal preference to realism and the information given as far as fps was for those unaware. Any endorsements appreciated and i refuse donations believing modding should be free(personal preference).  Also note that creating shader fixes and matching dll files is not easy. Modders work very hard to supply these mods to make your gaming better. So please show them a little respect.

I have added an optional sweetfx configuration to enhance the 3d effect. 

Big shout out to HN66 for all his work, my favorite mods