Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape by Pat Mahoney
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I owe the community my thanks for this!  ^^
Your enjoyment is the best reward I could hope for, and I'm so glad my music finally has an audience.

Votes and endorsements mean more visibility as I build my audience; this will allow me to continue my work. Thank you! :)**

Do you love Fallout, but feel the vanilla music lacks... heart?  I did.  So I wrote an original score to expand upon Inon Zur's excellent palette tracks.  The result, I feel, is a fuller, more dynamic, emotional soundscape.


**33 songs at nearly 2 hours of original music! A repertoire of varied musical stylings, mixed with old and new fallout sounds. 
  -12 Exploration tracks
  -6 Dungeon tracks
  -6 Glowing Sea tracks
  -5 Institute tracks
  -3 covers of classics from Fallout 1 and 2, including a jazzy piano version of "My Chrysalis Highwayman."

  -2 white-noise ambient tracks, hand-placed in several areas to break-up the constant orchestra.
  -1 minute-long silence track with very faint industrial humming, just to give your ears a break.

**A range of sonic influences, including classic rock (Elton John, Pink Floyd), film, game, and TV scores (Alan Silvestri, Ramin Djawadi, Jeremy Soule), prog rock (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), and industrial/metal (The Ocean, Cradle of Filth), and many more.  

**Covers ALL Towns, Settlements, and DLCs!

**Performed on a Roland RM-700
**Mixed using Scarlett 8i6
**Mastered with Studio One Pro v 3.2

** This mod ADDS to, but does NOT replace vanilla music. **

All of my music has been mastered to commercial quality standards, and then attenuated to vanilla volume levels.  This means that while my music has more range, it will never drown out your characters in dialogue or fight scenes.  As a bonus, to enhance the horror of the glowing sea, I've lowered the priority of combat music in that region so it never interrupts your travels across a barren wasteland of yore.


I am a personal trainer and musician. Both have been my passions for years.

  I was classically trained by a wonderful piano teacher since age 8; however, I only recently began to learn how to mix and master a few years ago. I started doing fitness tutorials for clients and needed music. Years later, I'm extending my talent to the modding community.  

  This collection of songs started as sort of a "personal soundtrack" to my life.  In the last 5 years, I've lost a mother to cancer and had to sell her house, I've changed careers, confronted some deep gender identity issues, and delt with the fallout of political division in my family. And since that's some heavy shit, this album is an instrumental tale of how one picks up the pieces in times of need.

Also, with the real possibility of nuclear war on the horizon, you might as well download this and listen to something other than "duck n' cover" on repeat. ;) 

This mod will continue grow as I compose new music, so any and all feedback is welcome!  

This is my return to the world of music.



-I'm currently a registered voice actor for several minor characters in Kris Takahashi's Interesting NPCs - Skyrim (Arelthor, Gromash, miners)

-I have also voiced Hadvaar in the excellent 
Opening Scene Overhaul - Skyrim 

-I created a character overhaul mod using some of the best elements of TCM and WICO, creating my own facial morphs for nearly every character in Skyrim. Diversity - An NPC Overhaul

I voiced a scientist in Kris Takahashi's Interesting NPCs - Fallout 3

Please check these out guys! I'm new to texturing and would love feedback.
Shades of Gradient - Institute Retexture 4k
NukaBill and FatBob - A Mario Inspired Fat Man replacer

My webpage is fairly minimalist for now, but follow me on soundcloud for updates!