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Added: 11/08/2017 - 10:39PM
Updated: 20/08/2017 - 07:50PM

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Last updated at 19:50, 20 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 22:39, 11 Aug 2017

[VHAT IS IT] This mod overhauls the effects produced from muzzle attachments, now when you put a muzzle mod on your weapon it will produce a different muzzle effect. each and every muzzle and caliber produces a different amount of smoke, sparks , and a unique muzzle flash, some attachments dont produce any muzzle flashes like a suppressor.

  • [80+ Muzzle Effects] for pistols, pipe pistols, shotguns , rifles,and more.. all muzzle effects look different from one another and corresponds to the caliber of weapon and muzzle attachment

  • [More Tracers] Bullet tracers are now dependent on weapon and weapon muzzle attachment.

  • [Laser beam overhaul] lasers now burn threw mid air and look less like PewPew laser guns.. laser beams are also less visible and dependent on muzzle attachment.

  • [Institute lasers] now has a unstable muzzle flash if left without a muzzle mod. also less visible but becomes more visible at night

  • [Wind Effects] Smoke produced from muzzles will now blow in the direction of the wind along with all the other particle effects in vanilla fo4

  • [Effect lighting] muzzle smoke is now dependent on the environment and its lighting conditions, however its not a perfect lighting system so smoke may appear too bright in dark areas.

Mod Recommendation: I HIGHLY Recommend a color correcting mod, something like this or a Enb, the reason- because every particle effect in fo4 has a greyscale texture that can make white particle effects look slightly more grey then white, the reason why most effects like fire, muzzle smoke, and impacts are mostly grey in vanilla 

Incompatibility: The Full version of this mod edits projectile data and is incompatible with mods that do the same such as Weapons of fate, however if you want to use this mod and weapons of fate you will have to use the Lite Version which does not have Specific muzzle effects per muzzle.
Also if you are using a mod that edits laser beams you must use "No Laser" module while installing, this is the full mod but without any changes to laser weaons.

Requirements: Far Harbor
Why is Far harbor Requried but Nuka World Not? well instead of having 3 plugins there are only 2
i plan to combine nuka world into the main plug in so there is only 1 plug in, and then release a compatibility pack where you can choose what dlc you have

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