eNse7en's BADASS 1911's V2.00 by LegacySlayer and eNse7en
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eNse7en's BADASS 1911's!

Version 2.00 will require a clean save, this means you will have to sell all mods and any pistols you have then un-install this mod. Load up your save, ignoring the missing Mod warning then save again. Resume to install as normal. I apologize but I had to re-do all the meshes and fallout 4 doesnt like that, this is the only way to avoid CTD's and other issues.                             

This mod adds the Dan Wesson Discretion and Kimber Eclipse Custom II to the Commonwealth, along with mods that will keep both of these guns useful well into level 100+.

Wait ANOTHER 1911 mod..?
NOPE, wrong. You dont just call a Kimber or Dan Wesson "another 1911", you cant get much higher quality guns than these. But you gotta work for them, they have been added to the leveled lists, although pretty rare they will spawn. You should have atleast one or the other by level 10. Check Raiders, Gunners, Civilians, Triggerman and even occasionally in some shops.

But thats not all...
The mods for these guns are NOT craftable. I dont care what your gunsmithing level is, you are not going to craft a precision milled receiver out of scrap metal, screws and duct tape. Instead, these mods also have their own leveled list so be sure to explore everywhere! Never know where one might show up.

In addition to finding the mods, I have also added a system that allows these 2 guns to level alongside the player, provided you can find the mod that is.
Starting at level 25, new more powerful mods will be added to the leveled lists. Same goes for level 50 and 75 along with Legendary mods that appear at level 100 that turns these guns BADASS.

Version 2.00 -
- All meshes re-done, fixed texture and normal issues (Thanks to eNse7en!) 
- Enhanced FOV of both weapons, making it much easier to Aim Down Sights
- Added custom sounds for both guns (Thanks to Vunsunta)
- Added a new Silencer (Again thanks to eNse7en!)
- Fixed CTD's involving invalid Wet Templates for both Barrel Protectors
- Fixed conversion kits, not actually converting Ammo types
- Thoroughly tested the mod, ensuring fewer issues (Hopefully)

Version 2.25 -
- Aiming down sights and Reflex is now Dead-On
- Fixed Reflex and Slide not appearing in Mod Stations
- Adjusted base accuracy of both guns
- Improved reflections (Specular) Still not pefect, but getting better

DanWesson Discretion and Kimber Eclipse Custom II models and textures - eNse7en
Pistol Rail Model and Textures - Krycek (Donate to him through paypal! address [email protected])
Docter Reflex Sight - BOT
BlackHawk SmokeStack Silencer - eNse7en
Custom 1911 Sounds - Vunsunta

This mod would not have been possible without eNse7en's extremely high quality, scratch made models and textures! If you would like to see MORE high quality mods like this one come to the Commonwealth, Please DONATE if youre able, to eNse7en below! My mods will always be free, but please support the Modelers who allow us to use their High Quality models FREE of charge!

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