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TruBy9 Fallout 4 - Creating a True 21:9 Fallout 4 Experience!

Previously Known as
Ultra Widescreen Patches
As JonDoeBowler, creator of Ultra Widescreen Patches, has ceased his dedication to patch proper 21:9 support into Fallout 4 after version 1.4.132, I have taken it upon myself to pick up where he left off. Using BAE, JPEXS, NifSkope and Blender, I have meticulously re-scaled each SWF and NIF required for a correct-as-possible native ultrawide support for the latest version of Fallout 4 (as of 1.9.4).

This mod DOES NOT require Flawless Widescreen to work and is 100% standalone! (In fact, don't use it at all...)

**Make sure to REMOVE widescreen.ba2 if you are currently using the mod Widescreen fix, and delete its validation in your Fallout4.ini under the[Archive] section. It is not needed, as TruBy9's purpose is to replace it. Keeping it will conflict with this patch and break the UI!**

What does it do?

TruBy9 converts load screens, sprites, 3D icons, and all HUD elements (including the Power Armor and ALL DLC) to proper 21:9 aspect ratio by correctly patching the game's SWF files. The best part: This mod has a modular install that includes its own optional version of HUDFramework and patched DEF_UI built into it!

*Includes an ESP file that is attached to an INI that is required to be enabled to fix the Power Armor HUD and Workshop menu.

My Other Projects

TruBy9 Skyrim- Creating a True 21:9 Original Skyrim Experience!
TruBy9 SkyrimSE - Creating a True 21:9 Skyrim Special Edition Experience!


I just want this community to enjoy this as much as I do myself. This is my favorite game universe, and I just wanted to see that she got the proper TLC she needed. This is the aspect Fallout deserves.

Updates will be a "when available" kind of thing. I'm an active duty U.S. Army Infantryman currently stationed at Ft. Hood, so 90% of my free time is spent training, though I promise to make sure this mod is updated alongside official Fallout 4 updates to keep it current. 

If you like what I do, then all I ask is for you to enjoy it, but if you happen to drop something in the tip jar before ya leave, then I thank you from the deepest part of my heart. You're welcome to become a patreon here.


First of all, make sure to edit your Fallout4.ini AND Fallout4Custom.ini lines found under the [Archive] section  in Documents\My Games\Fallout4







^ make it blank ^ 

This allows your game to be modded correctly in the first place.

Next, follow the INI edits below, install the mod, verify the "TruBy9.esp" plugin is active in your mod menu (*last in load order), and you should be golden.


Simply install with Nexus Mod Manager.

DON'T FORGET: edit your Fallout4Prefs.ini file located in Documents\My Games\Fallout4, under [Display] section and add your 21:9 resolution:

iSize W=2560 ; whatever 21:9 resolution you use
iSize H=1080

For Fullscreen:

bFull Screen=1

For Borderless:

bFull Screen=0

For 90 FOV (Recommended as it is still a :9 aspect)

Change it in the console in game with the tilde key ( ~ ) and type in:

fov 90 90 ; where the first [90] is your 1st person FOV, and the second [90] is your world FOV



The first [90] is the FOV for the first person model, and second [90] is for the FOV of the world (including third person).
I recommend the first person value anywhere between 85-90 due to PipBoy use.

Recommended With TruBy9

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - A complete overhaul fix for Fallout 4, dedicated to making sure you have the best bug-free experience!
Fallout 4 Configuration Tool - Easy to use advanced configuration tool designed to change any and everything you want right from a custom launcher!

Most of the features of DEF_INV require a sorting mod, here are my best suggestions:

Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) by Valdacil
Better Item Sorting (BIS) by xandarori
Bhaal's Better Sorting by SystemLordBhaal

All screenshots were taken with 90 FOV on a native 21:9 display
Here is the exact monitor I use: LG 34UC79-B

Quick specs of display (in case anyone is in the budget for a great UW gaming monitor):

  • 34 inch 21:9 ultrawide curved IPS gaming monitor
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • 1ms motion Blur reduction
  • Native 2560x1080
  • 144Hz refresh rate


DEF_UI The Definitive User Interface, with support for 21:9 UW Monitors
HUDFramework - A UI framework that makes it possible for mods to add new UI elements to the HUD in a conflict-free way.
Ultra Widscreen Patches - Provided the inspiration for TruBy9 to pick up where it left off and the awesome work on the PA Rainbox.
Widescreen fix The original widescreen fix.
PA Rainbox HUD FixThe original Power Armor Rainbox fix.