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After re writing this. i have now tested it on 3 diferent systems and it works fine on those. also have confirmation that it works for people who had pink textures when using the older version or when they tried to do it manualy.
Any one who had a previous version and had issues with things like pink textures or similar, just get 1.0.1a 

Please skip down to Needed files section if this is all the info you needed.
additional info in the spoiler:


V1.0.1a Video

(re-made the video showing the whole process showing exactly what to do, also showing the time started and time finished at the bottom.
V1.0.1.a Was written just to shave off Some time from the whole process. Right now, from start to finish. It takes approx 80mins to back up all the files and optimize all the files "vanilla + all the suported dlc") 'tested on a q6600 stock with 6gb of ram using a mechanical hard drive" faster systems may have better times. I think its mainly down to the hard disk rather than processor speed.


You need archive2 which you can get from bethesda as part of the fallout 4 creation kit You can get that HERE
you need to make a free account to login and download, and after installing you would usually  find the ARCHIVE2 folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\Games\Tools\"

You also Need the origional mod found  HERE

After you download the mod extract it any where you like,
then run the bat file you downloaded from this page from your fallout 4 data folder. "please check you have enough free
space to back up files on the hard drive as you will get an option to back up."

to prevent errors, you MUST have the bat file extracted to your fallout 4 DATA folder.

watch the video if needed the 1st minute or so will show you all you need to know. But the whole process is in the video condenced down to give a reasonable demo of what its like.

What it does

Its a bat file. and all it really does is ask you where all the folders needed for the origional mod to work are (just drag and drop). it asks which of the files you want to optimise are.
it then extracts a single ba2 file to a folder then it copies the correct optimised files to the same folder it extracted the ba2 file too, then recompresses those extracted files as a correctly named  ba2 file. it also moves that new ba2 file to your data folder.
It repeats this for all the ba2 files that can be optimised.
(it does all the steps people seem to struggle with to use the t.o.p mod properly.)
it also skips 2 of the vanilla texture ba2's because they were not added to t.o.p at the time of writing, but to future proof there is an option to optimise those as well (it wont hurt to optimise them whilst t.o.p does not support them it just takes more time for no benifit)

when its done all the texture files will have been optimised properly and be in the correct location.

it also asks you if you want to backs up your origional ba2 files, just incase you want to revert at any time.

Here is the full content of the bat for those who want to check what it does and how it does it.