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Added: 12/05/2017 - 09:33PM
Updated: 29/05/2017 - 04:54AM

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Last updated at 4:54, 29 May 2017 Uploaded at 21:33, 12 May 2017

Just noticed that the mod hit the Hot Files section (WHAAAT?!), so let me just say huge THANK YOU to all the people that downloaded and endorsed the mod. I appreciate this very much, this will keep me even more motivated to keep on working on the future updates :)

Ever wish your Fallout 4 to look like one of those over the top, hollywood 80s/90s movie? Did you ever look at the Fallout 4 particles and thought "it's cool and all, but kinda... boring?". Did you always think having a single bullet spawn shitload of particles makes the player feel more empowered and the gun more satisfying to shoot? Did you enjoy the firefights in F.E.A.R? Of course you did! That's why you opened this mod, so stop reading the description and download the freakin thing, you dummy!

Or I guess I can list what this mod ACTUALLY does, huh? UGHHH, ok then, if you insist...

- Almost all of the vanilla particles have been modified to spawn more of the small particle bits like sparks, rocks, etc.
- Most of the particles amount have been simply multiplied by the factor of 10, but for some it made sense to have bigger/smaller multiplier and some other tweaks like life span, scale or recolor.
- Redo a lot of particles HDR values so now they glow properly (I highly suggest to use ENB bloom in conjunction with this mod, otherwise the vanilla single-pass bloom will make most glowy things look weird).

Make sure to edit this variable in Fallout4Prefs.ini file!:


Won't Crash 100%:




Version 1.6 showcase:

Beautiful 1.5.2 Preview by one and only Vault Samurai (Thank You!):

Very aesthetically pleasing preview by Hodilton:

1.0 - Initial release.

1.1 - Removed unnecessary laser projectile files.

1.2 - Removed the modified foot particles, completely unnecessary performance stealer. Improved laser, plazma, alien, fire and sparks particles. Small tweaks here and there.

1.3 - Changed the grenade explosion to missile explosion. Molotov has been improved and heavily reduced in size. Shishkebab has been improved.

1.4 - Lowered fire HDR values, as requested. Took that as an opportunity to take a closer look at the fire particles, and fix the ugly artifacts/colors by replacing the gradient texture color to manual color which gives much cleaner results. Scaled down and recolored the shishkebab particles. Tuned down the muzzle sparks amount by half, but compensated it with increased life span. Laser sparks and shishkebab fire wisps also have increased life span. Removed ugly minigun muzzleflash, left only smoke.

1.5 - Reverted the metal impact sparks scale to vanilla, increased HDR to compensate. Scaled down laser particles (both muzzle and impact) and reworked the color, just like with fire, so the sparks actually glow now. Improved plazma impact.

1.5.1 - Again, reduced the amount of ballistic muzzle sparks since there was still too much, but increased it's life span by 2 seconds. Reduced the plazma impact scale to not be so dramatic. Incresed the granade/missile explosion bits life span by a lot.

1.5.2 - Updated the generic fire, huge ass wisps, should look much better now + don't cull/crash the game as much. Highly recommend to update to this version.

1.5.3 - Minigun wood impact crashing should be fixed.

1.5.4 - Another crash fix release. A lot of already edited nifs have been tweaked, some that have been missed previously are now edited. Should be completely stable.

1.6 - This release should be final, until I'll find something to work on/fix. A LOT have changed and most likely I forgot half of it, so let me focus on most important things. First of all, I have added optional downloads for Increased Blood and completely clean ENB preset with my Natural Bloom 3.0. It can be used with literally anything, any weather mod, and reshade preset, etc. All it does, is replace the vanilla one-pass bloom with multi-pass Gaussian bloom.

Onto the actual mod changes, I have added a BF3 Look-a-like muzzleflash too all of the ballistic weapons and turrets. Added sparks to Minigun and Alien Blaster, and reworked the Blaster impact colors to be more consistent with the new sparks. There's no more sparks when shooting non metal stuff. Fixed the terrible HDR value of incendiary impact. Changed the regular gun impacts to Minigun impacts, also, slightly changed the dust effect that comes with it. Increased the HDR of all tracer rounds. Again, slightly reduced the muzzle sparks amount. Added DLC support (wasn't much to it, most noticeably they changed effects are fireworks, and burning oil spill in Far Harbor). Changed the cooking station fire, now it have fire wisps. Reworked most of the fire effects, now they should be even cooler looking, and they shouldn't disappear so much. Increased the oxygen tank fire HDR value. Countless of other tweaks that I forgot.

1.7 - Added esp to get the muzzle sparks for Plazma and Gamma working. Made the new muzzleflash 3D rather than simple 2D plane, so now you can also see it from the side. Increased the metal sparks scale. Added more smoke to the ballistic weapons impacts. Removed the silenced weapons muzzle flash. Increased the cigarettes, metal barrels, Mr Handy booster, Power Armor jet pack and oil lamps fire HDR. Added fire effects to the cooking workbenches that I've previously missed (I thought they aren't active in game and don't suppose to have fire...).

1.7.1 - Improved awful Saugus Ironworks lava meshes and sparks

Planned - For now, 1.7.1 will be the final version.

- Particles sometimes disappear, mostly fire particles.
- Your game MAY occasionally crash.

- Anything that edits particles nifs won't be compatible. Since version 1.6, mods "Weapons of Fate" and "Gun Smoke" are not compatible.

Either install with any mod manager or manually unpack into your Fallout 4 data folder and enable the esp in the launcher or any mod manager.

MaxG3D - Editing the nif files
VG - Help and suggestions
*censored* discord server as a whole (You know who you are) - Thanks for all the help and support

Natural Bloom 3.0:

Boris Vorontsov - ENB, original bloom shader 
Wolrajh - 1.2 version tweaks
Modular Shader Library authors - saturation code
Roxahris - Gaussian/Kawase Bloom.