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About Greentop Nursery

An ancient greenhouse next to a rotten villa, thats what most people were thinking about Greentop Nursery. Besides its two original inhabitants, no one wanted to invest time in a location without defences and only few options to trade around.

That´s until the MinuteMen came along: By fortifying Greentop, they not only left their stamp, but also encouraged further development by attracting more settlers. In it´s current state, the village is one of the Big 5 that stabilize the entire trade network, connecting Sanctuary, County Crossing and Far Harbour. Moreover Greentop Nursery supplies the Starlight Facility with additional food and offers the most advanced clinic in the north-eastern region of Boston.

Greentop Nursery in Details


1. Get the Transfer Settlements mod (The new version now includes the wiring).
2. When installed first time, import one of your settlements. That creates the directory where you put my file.

3. Download my file and follow the instructions of the readme.txt.
4. You did it!

About the Author

I absolutely enjoy sharing my blueprints with you guys. If you have a request for a new settlement, need help, have improvements in mind or want to address critique then please let me know in the comments!
To show support I appreciate every endorsement given to my blueprints as well as to any other authors settlement. I really think this section deserves more attention than it gets at the moment. Let people know what Transfer Settlements mod has to offer.

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+++ Credits +++

Big, big thanks to CDANTE, who is the author of Transfer Settlements. A great mod by a competent and helpful modder.