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Added: 21/03/2017 - 01:02AM
Updated: 24/03/2017 - 01:49AM

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Last updated at 1:49, 24 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 1:02, 21 Mar 2017

I have released a guide for modders which shows how to add bullet counted reload for custom weapons. Check it here: Bullet Counted Reload Tutorial

Update 1.2
-Adjusted time values with all object mod which modify reload speed of the lever action rifle (such as tuned receiver or rapid fire legendary effect).
-Fixed issue when player inserted needed number of bullets in shell even though he hadn't had enough ammo in inventory. 
From this update source scripts won't be uploaded here. You will be able to download them from Bullet Counted Reload Tutorial page.

Update 1.1

-Optimized script
-Now Reload Speed Multiplier is detected automatically (So if something modifies reload speed actor value, needed values will be automatically adjusted)
-Fixes bug when player wasn't able to shoot continuously while holding shoot button. 

This mod fixes the reload bug when using Lever Action Rifle. Player always loaded 5 bullets no matter how many times you have shot.
There already is the other mod which fixes that bug, but this one uses completely different approach + works in 3rd person.

Video Demonstration:

For Mod Authors:
Consider this file as modder's resource if you are working on a weapon mod which uses bullet counted reload. You can download source scripts under optional files. If there will be demand I can make a guide for it. Done

Please make a clean save before updating.

Use NMM or drag and drop files into fallout 4 directory.

If you have a mod that changes 1st quickhands perk and increases or decreases reload speed of weapons, the values from this mod need to be adjusted in CK (it's easier than you think). 
Not needed anymore after v 1.1

Far Harbor DLC

Note From Author:
The mod has been tested and no bugs have been found. Please notify me if you find any. 

Ha_ru (blackxteel on Nexus) for providing edited animation files.
colinswrath for support and giving useful opinions.

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