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Added: 05/03/2017 - 02:55AM
Updated: 01/04/2017 - 12:06AM

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Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC

Chems are now much better even if you don't take the Chemist perks. However you can no longer make any chems without the perk. Recipes are improved and new recipes added. Addiction is a much greater threat.


Chemist Perk ranks add much less time to the duration of chems. But base duration has been increased so all can enjoy.
Rank 1: +30% chem duration.
Rank 2: +60% chem duration.
Rank 3: +90% chem duration.
Rank 4: +130% chem duration.

All chems now require at least one rank in chemist to make and are made in efficient batches of five. All in game chems can be made at a chemistry workstation (at appropriate ranks). I've even added recipes for making beer and wine. On average most mixed chems and common drugs are rank 1, better combat drugs rank 2, medical drugs rank 3 and extremely rare drugs like daddy-o and X-Cell require rank 4.

Increased the base duration of most chems by about 20% or more (and made fixes when effects didn't match description). This balances out the reduced duration buff you get from taking ranks in chemist (somewhat). Even if you don't use the perks and just use drugs, this will change game play.

I've added utility recipes for acid, antiseptic, fertilizer and adhesive in the chemistry workstation. They require rank 1 or 2 of Chemist to unlock.

Refreshing Beverage no longer removes addiction and is now a watered down restorative (but is much cheaper to make). Addictol now only has about a 10-20% chance of removing addiction per dose. This means that multiple doses may be required to clear your system. Addiction is now a real threat and you will likely need a doctor to get cleaned up.

Ultrajet is more powerful and now requires Sugar Bombs.

X-Cell duration buffed from 2 minutes to 15, making it actually useful.