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Added: 17/02/2017 - 07:00PM
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Ultra Interior Lighting
Version 1.1
This mod has been designed primarily to add many more shadow cast lights to the physical lights in the Fallout 4 interiors including all DLC's.  There are thousands of new shadow cast lights and there has also been edits to thousands of non shadow cast ambience lights to bring you a much improved lighting atmosphere. Many more light bugs have also been addressed as well with the inclusion of hundreds more light boxes!

To give you some sort of idea of how many extra shadow light there will be using this mod - candle shadow lights have been increased by almost 200, fire shadow lights used with things like lanterns and drums have been increased by over 500, warm shadow lights have been increased by over 700, white shadow lights have been increased by over 500, cool shadow lights have been increase by over 600 and there are many hundreds of others!

Get ready for some of the best lighting in a game that you have probably ever seen!

This mod may cause an FPS drop in the interiors of Fallout 4, how much of a drop will be dependent on the interior you are in, your system and Fallout 4 setup! Please note though however I have strived to keep the FPS above that of the exterior vanilla world so in effect if you can play the exterior then you should be able to use this mod!
To keep the FPS above the exterior some of the more complex interiors have had added occlussion volumes, edit to light fade and clipping distances and most importantly in many of these levels I have added triggered lights to maintain a good FPS.

This mod is not comapatible with any mod that changes any of the lights of the interios of fallout 4 including the DLC's or any mod that alters the DLC03LightOilLampOn_Hanging meshe and/or the HighTechFloorLight materials.  A non DLC version is available in the downloads.

This mod requires Fallout 4 and both the Far Habor and Nuka World DLC's and I recommend you place this mod as close to the bottom of your load order as possible!

Install and activate with NMM or simply extract the contents of the archive into your Fallout 4 Data folder and activate as usual!

Simply remove from NMM or remove the contents of this mod from your Fallout 4 Data folder. If you remove this mod whilst in an interior with triggered lights you may find some anomalies with the lights compared to vanilla but this will disappear once you exit that interior! If your overly concerned with the above then simply uninstall this mod on an exterior save!