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This is a page where I am going to be posting my random retextures of vanilla items and other small miscellaneous mods that I do not feel require a whole mod page to themselves.
Please track the file or check for a changelog for future updates.
Comments are locked because this is not a request page - either you download some of the things here, or you don't (please don't ask for standalones - I don't have the time, especially for female standalones which I need to make numerous body versions for to keep everyone happy). 
These are all personal retextures etc, and I will not be making any changes.
I am not writing install guides either  - there are already plenty on texture replacers, or you can just let NMM do the work for you. These mods work, and if they don't, you have a conflicting mod or you haven't installed it properly.
Colours may also vary depending on your ENB/Reshade settings.
Thanks for understanding :)

You are NOT allowed to repost these mods anywhere under any circumstance (that includes no Bethesda.net!!!). 
You are NOT allowed to use them in one of your own mods in any circumstance without permission from me first.
You CAN modify these mods for your own personal use.


1. MacCready's Outfit Retexture - it didn't make sense to me for him to still be getting around in torn up Gunner gear, so I made him an outfit that's a little more rugged and less blocky instead. Also added some Dad style plaid. Retexture affects his hat as well.
2. Piper's Outfit Recolour - a darker version of Piper's outfit with faded blue jeans and a new scarf. Retexture also affects her gloves, hat, and goggles.
3. Mandala Forehead Tattoo Replacer - Replaces the vanilla forehead anchor tattoo.

Chalk Outline Reshade
Nuclear Reloaded
Commonwealth Cuts
My Mega Surgery Centre Renovation
My Light Brawler Outfits
Character is not up for download, sorry.

Please endorse if you like any of these in your game!
Thanks :)