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Added: 12/11/2015 - 08:14AM
Updated: 19/05/2016 - 07:00AM

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Last updated at 7:00, 19 May 2016 Uploaded at 8:14, 12 Nov 2015

High resolution blood decals that complements the violence level of the Fallout series

Basic version features:
-Replaces combat blood splatter, screen blood, and decapitation spurts
-Increased blood amount. All hits and decapitation effects will now cause blood stains
-New wounds: blunt, bladed, claws, unarmed, and energy weapons
-Increased screen blood size with shorter duration
-Fix bloodstain creature glitch

-Optional files for subtle screen blood, color and splatters
-Includes alternate blood splatters which are more realistic focused

Standard version features:
-Blood pooling
-Additional blood stains from hits and torso explosions
-Blood trails when at low health
-Robots will bleed oil
-Includes basic version features
*WIP. There are current limitations with the scripted decal placement. Most surfaces will not get any scripted blood decals on them and will appear cutoff.

Video uses version 0.3

For manual install please click on the README tab in this mod page

- Open mod in a mod installer and pick the options that you want.

- After install go to your Fallout4Custom.ini

Located here:
...\Documents\My Games\Fallout4

- Add these lines:

If [Display] already exists in your ini then just copy the fdecal lines below [Display]

fDecalLifetime will increase the lifetime of all decals. The number can be changed to further increase or decrease the duration.
fDecalLOD0 increases the distance that blood decals appear.

- Save the file

- Check that you have your decal quantity graphic settings on ultra or high

-Added Limited Blood Decals optional plugin. This will revert the decal amount to vanilla that can improve performance on lower end systems. (can be used with both versions of the mod)

Standard Version Changes:
-General edits to scripts and plugin
-Reduced amount of decals produced by blood pools making the "animation" less smooth to improve performance when looking at them

Added scripted version as a separate WIP download. There are current limitations with the scripted decal placement. Most surfaces will not get any scripted blood decals on them and will appear cutoff.

Standard WIP Version Features:
-Blood pooling
-Additional blood stains from hits
-Blood trails when at low health
-Robots will bleed oil

Basic Version changes:
-Fixed incorrect color for institute laser impact effects

Standard Update 2:
-Reduced cutoff impact decals on ground terrain that are not meshes (plugin updated)

-Added installer with all optional files included
-Blood trailing and blood pools now apply to insects and robots
-Modified game brawl scripts to ignore magic effects and spell hits. Unarmed quest scripted fights don't all of a sudden end. (brawl bug)
-Script optimization

-Removed some unintended changes to impact decals
-Plugin will now install automatically
-Darker color option now changes wounds and spurts
-Added optional plugin for longer lasting screen blood
-Added optional plugin for smaller blood splatters
-Added option for vanilla screen blood textures

-Darken and reduced bullet impact and decapitation blood mist. No mist version available
-Improved vanilla's hand placed blood decal normal maps

Plugin Related changes:

-Removed the decal overlap limit for blood splatters. This will increase the overall amount of blood that stains the environment.
-Increased blood splatter size variation
-Fixed incorrect red colored plasma impact particles
-Fixed power fist hits causing blood spurts on metal actor materials


Current limitations:
* Buggy looking wounds and fading out after one hit. (This will require game  patching). Loading a save game twice in a session is one way that wounds will stop working.
* Most surfaces don't accept script created decals. You can see this with indoor areas or roads.
* Most creatures do not cause wounds such as the yao guai. Even with the  Creation Kit I'm unable to find out why this is so. I've check the  unarmed weapon used by each race. When a human uses a creature unarmed  weapon they will cause wounds like normal, but not the other way around. It might have something to do with creature animations preventing this
* Player generally will not get any wounds or blood splatters (used to work with earlier version of the game)
* Cannibalism blood splatter will glow in the dark
* Problems with white blood reflections are caused by a bug with the game's  lighting. It can appear randomly, after rainy weather, or loading a save at an indoor location. This will have the same affect on the vanilla decals. Water puddles / Hand placed vanilla blood / Visual
* The cubemap can also be missing and only reflect the sun. This can cause blood decals and puddles to look very dark or flat.

Decals will not generate at medium distance from you, like it was in Fallout 3 and NV.

(This limit can now be increased with use of ini editing. Thanks to Flanker15 for this information. Follow the install instructions)

There is a bug with ghouls and certain creature's impact data that it will cause blood to not appear correctly
(Fixed in experimental plugin, Thanks to SLXJ for providing a fix ahead of time: do not use that fix with EBT)
If you are not using the experiential plugin then you will still need the fix: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1661?

Uninstalling (Standard)
-Open the console ~ key
set zxBlood_isEnabled to 0
StopQuest zxBleedingModQuest
-Remove all textures and plugins that came from this mod
Use of mod installer is recommended

-Use lower resolution textures if you are experiencing slowdowns with many blood decals in the area. Deleting or reducing the customini changes to fDecalLifetime and fDecalLOD0 settings.

-Issues with wounds are result of the game and not the mod. The best way to increase the appearance of splatters and wounds is to edit your ini files and set your decal quantity to ultra.

-Blood color is heavily affect by ENB and lighting mods. Typically, it's better to choose the darker options if you have an ENB installed.

Gore Overhaul by Nero1n
(If you want to use wound from Gore Overhaul then you would select its  optional file wounds and plugin during install. Otherwise, leave them  unchecked to keep EBT wounds)

It can be turn off by changing this line in the Fallout4.ini:

-Video reviews of this mod can be found in the videos tab