Zombie Walkers by Joe Forsyth
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Added: 08/12/2016 - 02:04AM
Updated: 19/05/2017 - 09:07AM

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***** Zombie Walkers *****
This mod overhauls Feral Ghouls and turns them into slower Romero-style Zombies.

Blog/FAQ: http://www.zombiewalkers.net

***** Feral Ghoul Overhaul *****
Renamed to Zombie

All Zombie levels scale with the player.

Movement Changes
- Sprinting has been disabled.
- Running speed has been greatly reduced (less than player walk speed).
- Dodge/180-turn animations disabled.

Attacks Changes
- Attack types with animations that involved sprinting/diving have been disabled.
- Attack base damage is doubled (15 to 30).
- Reduced attack speed.

Durability Changes
- Health was not changed, though level scaling with player will increase most Zombie health.
- Disabled evade animations
- Damage percentages have been changed to encourage headshots

Spawn Variety
- randomly spawn with different skin/clothes
- if Far Harbor installed, the Fog Ghouls will also be used

***** Holotape *****
A holotape for configuring optional features can be crafted at any Chem Station under Utility. All optional features below are configured by this holotape.

***** Optional: Infection Settings *****
NPC Resurrection - Zombies that hit any human NPC cause them to raise from the dead as a Zombie. Note that the NPC will not raise from the dead if they are dismembered in any way at time of death. Unique NPCs raise in their human form, non-unique NPCs raise as ghouls but retain equipment.

Player Death Alternative - changes how player death works - you die and a zombie spawns in your place with all your items while you respawn to take over one of your settlers.

Player Infection - player automatically receives survival infection disease or a lethal infection with various effects.

***** Optional: Spawn Settings *****
Extra Spawns - Extra zombies spawns where you control frequency.

Settlement Attacks - Chance to trigger settlement attack when player is in a settlement.

Sleep Interruption - Chance to  interrupt sleep and spawn zombies nearby.

Spawn Replacements - Ability to replace other actor types with Zombies via Holotape option. Configure % chance for replacement and number of Zombies to replace each actor with.

***** Optional: Zombie Settings *****
- Headshots Only mode
- Health: 25% - 100%
- Horde Behavior - zombies wander in groups
- Speed options: from 0.7x to 3x or random
- can kill protected/essential
- XP: 0% - 100%
- No Loot mode
- Perception options: from 2-5 to 10-13
- Damange Mult options: 0.25x - 6x
- Finishing (kill) moves toggle

***** Utility Menu *****
- Cure Player Infection
- Display Zombie Count
- Kill Nearby Zombies
- Remove Dead Zombies
- Spawn Zombies Nearby