AWARHERO's Japanese Decor Pack by AWARHERO and Sarinia
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Some pictures of my work in progress Japanese Inspired Settlement can be seen here 

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AWARHERO'S Japanese Decor Pack
This mod simply adds a few Japanese style decoration items for your settlements

Thanks to Rayvenus, the japanese decor pack now has it's own menu!
Find it now in the Decoration section of the build menu

.:: Items ::.

Shoji panel Half Wall (Rustic)
Shoji Panel Empty (Half-Wall & Full Wall - Snap to each other)
Shoji Panel Fancy (Full Wall - Snap to each other)
Shoji Round Windows (3 kind)
Bamboo Fence
Bell Tower
Torii Gate (Basic)
Covered Bridge
Tatami mats (3 formats)
Buddhist Bell
Tea Set
Katana Sword Stand
Tree Bush
Mini Zen Garden
Hanging Scroll "No Thoughts, No Desires!" (Black wood & In-game wood texture)
Boat Shoji Lantern (Natural & Bamboo Texture)
Round Paper Lantern (No light)
Shoji Lantern Tall (Natural & Bamboo Texture)
Shoji Lantern Floor (Natural & Bamboo Texture)
Shoji Lantern Hanging (Natural & Bamboo Texture)
Shoji Lantern Hanging Fancy (and much bigger!)
NOW ALSO AVAILABLE WITH LIGHT (No power needed, No Shadows)
Hay Bale feed for Brahmin (Replace the ugly bath tub)
Brahmin Water Basket (WIP still not static)

More to come.... hopefully ;)

Precise object moving and rotating
Place Everywhere

Please use the "unistall Chem" to uninstall this mod
 Save before and after use and it should be removed fine.
.:: HOT FILES ::.

.:: CREDITS ::.

Rayvenus for Menu system
Reidlos for fixing nif files.
Friffy for fixing various nif files snapping points
Sarinia for the Fancy Shoji Panels,Tatami mats & Bamboo Texture
Ethreon (Mr. Wizard) for the Japanese scrolls & Bell Tower
Sankojin for his Magnificent Sword Stand from Katana Tsuki No Hana

Don't forget to endorse and send me some pictures!