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Important: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

For G2M - Fish Farm (g2m FishFarmBridges) users:
download for FishFarm_users_version in the "Files" tab. it remain your "G2M - Fishfarm" work.
its same as "Main files", except that the .esp file name is changed to "g2m_FishFarmBridges.esp". so you only need the "main file" OR this one.


Intro: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

G2M-Workshop extend workshop construction elements.

# custom models with navmesh and unique collision.
# scripted workshop menu system.
# holotape config program.  
# settlers were able to close doors themselves.

** Xbox Version is here:

** 詳細中文說明見此(更新较慢):

Required: ----------------------------------------------------
DLC02 Wasteland Workshop
DLC03 Far Harbor

compatible: ---------------------------------
Leave a comment for any compatibility requirements.

Fully compatible ---
Functional Displays by SecretAgent99
Snap'n Build by ad3d0
Thematic and Practical by 5like
*** If you don't see these mod's menu, it's probably because the game system is too busy loading, skipping some script commands (at least I think so). Solution:
  1. ensure enabled those mods.
  2. save the game.
  3. load this saved game.
  4. you should see the menu.

Snappable Junk Fences by DarthWayne
Craftable Balcony Supports by DarthWayne
*** Must be loaded before G2M-Workshop.

Auto Doors by Wenderer:(version 2.8)
this mod use own "close door" function. no need to use "auto doors" or other similar mod. 
if you prefer to use "auto doors"(it can provide more functions.), then G2M close door function will be turned off automatically. you can use all kind of "auto doors" panels to the all G2M doors.
** If you find AutoDoors invalid for my door, run the g2m-holotape -> "Initialize G2M-Workshop"!

Partially compatible
Workshop Rearranged.
* these objects compatibility with Workshop Rearranged.
Shack Stairs [000E0BB1],
Shack Stairs -Half [000E0BB2],
Shack Stairwell [000E1A51],
Shack Stairs (balcony)[000EC532]

** Must be loaded before G2M-Workshop.

Vanilla Extensions by Ethreon users:
VE modified the Vanilla ShackStairs model, so the G2M-Workshop can not be compatible with it.
But there is a patch that allows VE to use the G2M-ShackStairRailing and Roof.
Loading order:
  1. g2m-workshop
  2. Vanilla Extensions
  3.  g2m-VanillaExtensions_Stairs_Patch_for_VE_user
Warning: that patch not compatible with Workshop Rearranged.

Coming soon...


Not compatible, No conflict, Not affect each other.
for some reason, G2M is not compatible with these MODs, and there are no plans to make compatible patches.
Clean Wasteland Workshop by dgulat.


Installation: --------------------------------------
use Nexus Mod Manager.
when done, start the game, there is a menu named "G2M-Workshop" at end of the workshop menu list. like this:

Install Issues and Solution ---------------------------------------==
Q: can't see the g2m menu.
A1: it's probably because the game system is too busy loading, skipping some script commands (at least I think so). Solution:
1. ensure enable this mod.
2. save the game.
3. load this saved game.
4. you should see the menu.
A2: if the A1 won't work, try the solution of the next question.

Q: the g2m menu is missing some new objects.
A: you need run "(G2M-Workshop Holotape)" -> "Initialize G2M-Workshop", wait a few seconds until you see the success message.
* if you don't see the success message, try exit the pip-boy, then enter the pip-boy run "initialize" again.
* You should run the "initialize" command once after each update.

Q: there is no g2m holotape.
A: When this mod is run in first time, you will automatically get "G2M-Workshop Holotape". its located at: Inventory -> Misc -> (G2M - Workshop Holotape).
* If you start a New Game, you will get Holotape after you open the main gate of the Valut.
* In very special case, you did not get Holotape. use "Cooking Station -> Roast" to create a new one. its only visible if you do not have G2M-Workshop Holotape.

Uninstall: -----------------------------------
1. run "Uninstall G2M-Workshop" in Holotape.
* if you don't see the success message, exit the pip-boy and run it again.
2. save your game.
3. use your "Mod Manager" disable this mod, or delete
  • "g2m_Workshop_Nexus.esp"
  • "g2m_Workshop_Nexus - Main.ba2"
  • "g2m_Workshop_Nexus -  Textures.ba2"

* If you do not follow the steps to uninstall, some Workshop Menus will missing. this is a very common problem. you just re-enable the MOD, the installation script will automatically recover the missing menus.

** if NOT, try below fix mods:
for PC: Missing Settlement Categories Fix by ad3d0 ft iEx
for Xbox: [XB1] Universal Missing Menus Fixer by DarthWayne

Update: -----------------------------------------------
You do not need to run Holotape->"Uninstall G2M-Workshop". directly overwrite old files manually, or use the Nexus Manager to remove the old version and enable the new version.
Then run Holotape->"Initialize G2M-Workshop", wait few seconds, until you see a successful pop-up message.

Issue: ------------------------------------------------
Please read Known Issues
and check the "Bugs" page.

Thank for: ----------------------------------------