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Added: 03/07/2016 - 09:24AM
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Last updated at 0:12, 14 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 9:24, 3 Jul 2016

ENB for Vivid Weathers.

If you look for a clear and natural color ENB preset, try this one.


Required Mod
Vivid Weathers(You need Natural Bright Colors Plugin)

Recommended Mod
Waterworld - Blue and Translucent Water(Very translucent option)

How to install ENB

Download Fallout 4 ENBseries v0.307.
Extract it and copy d3d11.dll andd3dcompiler_46e.dll to the game directory.
Download Pure Atmosphere ENB.
Extract it and copy all files to the game directory.

How to install Reshade
Download Reshade 1.1.0f1.7z
Extract it and copy Reshade64.dll, Reshade.fx and Reshade folder to the game directory.
Rename Reshade64.dll to dxgi.dll.
Download Crisp Image.zip
Extract it, copy Reshade folder and overwrite to the game directory.

    add Optional Depth of Field
    add Optional AdaptiveSharpen

    adjust daytime shadow tone

    adjust SSAO

ENBSeries - Boris Vorontsov
Reshade - Crosire
Vivid Weathers  - Mangaclub