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You start strong, as right for a warhero. With your prewar basement standing and fully stocked in preparation for the worst. But your eventual promised vanilla godhood has been stripped away, and what progress you do make in strength and security is meager compared to before.

The gameplay is faster, more punishing, less predictable and most important... More immersive.

Great thanks to Alisar for her immense help with the season patch, for making the installer all on her own and for adding her own version of scrap everything with no frame drop. And to Jedstar2000 for his help with merge patches and contribution of more hardcore patches. And of course to Minami for upkeeping the reddit page, the mod's previous home for consoles and pc. 

Changes from Vanilla.


Slower leveling. No health gain upon leveling to the player or the npc.
Health base is 0, each additional endurance points adds 10 hit points. The majority of the human enemies’ health ranges from 30-90. With the exception of those under the influence of drugs.
Mutants and robotic enemies’ health is on the higher end, the bigger and more durable, the more health they have.  No leveled lists, weak and very strong enemies are now more rare. Some enemies changed in size and speed in order to increase variety and challenge

Damage is caliber based. The difference between modded weapons and un modded is only 5%-30% compared to Vanilla 400%-300%. Each weapon is more specialized with improved roles. Many new ammo conversions. Real ammunition damage and weight based on real-life equivalents, fully balanced to support a fun and challenging playthrough. Complete ammo crafting. Bullets have projectile speeds, choose the right caliber for the job.

Enhanced Melee speed and ferocity. 

Locational hits do more damage and are harder to hit in VATS. Limbs hits do less damage but cripple faster. 

Explosions are lethal. Direct hit from a missile is now deadly. 

Powerarmor is more protective and defined, reshaped in the spirit of the original fallout lore. with better protection against energy weapons.
45d - The least protective armor but the hardiest.
51b - The most protective against energy weapons.
60a - The most protective against weapon fire and radiation.
X-series - Can only procure through quest.

Powerarmor raises strength in multiples of 3. Each model now has a unique quality instead of a gradual protection upgrade. All Powerarmor paint add 1 to charisma with the unique abilities moved to models. Movement of powerarmor is slower compared to before, sneaking in powerarmor is almost impossibile. 

VATS cost substantially less action points to use, slow time further down to 0.2 instead of 0.4 and its damage multiplier now matches real time.

Damage to the player and enemies is equal both ways on survival. On hard and very hard, damage done to the player increases, while damage to the enemies stay the same. Hard X1.5 , Very Hard X2.

Greatly improved AI -   Each group of enemies fight to utilize its strengths. Supermutant are more direct and ruthless, synths use speed and coordination to flush and surround their opponents and pursue them relentlessly. Gunners, minutemen and BOS approach the enemy carefully using cover and picking their shots. Raiders are less organized their tactics vary depending on their experience and mental situation.
Predators will pounce on their victims relentlessly with no respite. Flies will attempt to dance around in search of an opening. Settlers will cower far from the enemy and behind cover in attempt to distance themselves from danger.

Npcs use ammo. This means they will have more start ammo compared to vanilla, kill them quickly to reap the reward. Most of them will carry a backup weapon in form of a handgun or a melee weapon.

Reduced and careful use of grenades.

Humans are no longer legendary enemies. 

Movement - Back movement and strafing speed reduced. Walking forward speed increased. 

Raids have 3-5 larger force with the intention to overrun your settlements.

Minutemen flare call for an average support of 5 instead of 3. 

Ranged sneak attacks don't have a multiplier, Melee and unarmed attacks do. 

Action point regeneration slowed down when starting a new game and is the same in combat.

Walking reduces accuracy and running reduces accuracy even more, for the player and the enemies. Crouching improves accuracy for the player and the enemies.


Player starts with 47 special stats as seen in previous fallouts that included the popular gifted perk.

Strength Basic carry weight - Lowered to 150 from 200. Each point now grant 25 weight points instead of 10.  Strength Improves accuracy, stability and sprint speed.

Perception : After you acquire awareness rank 2 you will gain an effect that slow time when aiming, the higher your perception, the slower the effect will be. Perception influence on your VATS chance is much greater than before.

Endurance : Each point grant you 10 hp. Endurance is the only factor that determines your sprint duration.

Intelligence : Same as before.

Agility : Each point will increase your speed by 5%

Luck : Each point increases damage by average of 3%, At luck 5.5 you will do the same damage as your enemies.

Bobbleheads are valuable collectibles and no longer increase special. 


Reorganizes perk trees, placing the more valuable ones higher on the chain and according to their appropriate special demand.

Tweaks damage perks to support VATS and guns accuracy instead of a damage boost. 

Medic perk. hasten the speed of stimpaks effect.

Moving target increases speed instead of reducing damage.

Blitz Increases sprint speed.

Picking all locks is available from the beginning, taking lockpicking perks will ease the process. Hacking is effortless and requires perks. There is an optional file that allows for player skilled based hacking.

Chem Resistant - Grants improved resistance to acid and poison. 


Synths and Bos are the elite and most dangerous foes you will encounter.  

Gunners and Super mutants are second tier. 

Raiders and monsters are third tier.

() Robots no longer shoot humans on sight.

() Scavengers are friendlier.

BOS - Wear correct armor and paint. Their forces troops distribution similar to military, with the main force consisting mostly of knights, aspirants and initiates.
Gunners - Troops distribution similar to the military, high ranks are more rare. Different units have different roles. 
Super Mutants - Masters and overlords are rare. 
Synths - Faster, more precise, and fight until fully incapacitated.

Apex predators are now apex.

Vertibirds are durable and will attempt to flee if badly damaged and have fearsome frontal cannons.

Ghouls - Are madder. 

Minutemen grow stronger in skill and equipment overtime. 

Economy and Settlements

Deflated Real world economy. Resources and junk yield believable values. Caps are more valuable. 

Immersive Ammo crafting with crafting and scrapping based on real life data, in the the chemistry station. Craftable and purchasable ammo shipments. Make or receive in the chemistry station. Key to keeping your turret machine going. 

Introduces Animal fat, can be used to produce oil under cooking crafting.

Stimpaks and radaways are rarer than before, Heal you completely, cost more, harder to make. And have a side effect for the duration they heal you.

Fusion cores last longer, are harder to find, and their condition varies. 

Adds a new fusion core based generator, that requires 1 fusion core to build.

Adds new fusion cell generators.

Increases output and requirements of original Generators, resulting in less stress on building limits and cells.

Longer power cables. 

Scavengers work harder, providing additional construction resources.

Diamond city traders offer more construction resources shipments.

Craftable food shipments from the food crafting station.

Craft settlement food plants with wild food plants. 

Quality of meat varies, more radiated animals produce more radiated meals. Vegetables, fruits and purified water will heal small amounts of radiation and put the cancer at bay.  

Make clothes from razorgrain at the cooking station.

Higher water and food produce from resources unused by the settlers calculated, based on recommended calories and water intake, Ready to turn into shipments to fund your operations. 

Defenses require more realistic components to create and are much more efficient at killing your enemies , guard posts add more defense. Adds 9 turrets variations. Add defense robots. Use an ordinary or institute laser guns to create a turret.  The new large turrets with increased defense value enables a more authentic farmland feel without overwhelming presence of turrets to keep the population happy, and in addition reduces the strain on consoles and weaker pcs.

You no longer need to invest in intelligence, gunnut or science to build turrets if you have the caps.  Simply visit a weapon merchants and purchase their goods.

Craft rare materials in the chemistry station through the use of designated perks and the source materials used in real world.


Prewar containers don't store pipe weapons.
Safes, vaults, contain more valuables and less weapons and ammo.
High tech weaponry is rare and sought after.
Animals grant meat per weight. Hunt an animal and sell its meat to make a living.
Adds an optional file for cannibals. 


Due to how the mod deals with leveled lists, the game is more efficient compared to vanilla. Important when many enemies spawn at the same time. (And all the time due to cell reset constant calculations at the background)
Reduces inventory management time - by Integrating a modified version of Valdacil item sorting mod, if you find his sorting beneficial. Please show your appreciation to his mod.

Adds a well-hidden basement to the player house in sanctuary, under the ruined bed, with essential gear to face the harsh wasteland.

For question and more information, please visit the reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/FO4ImmersiveGameplay/

About the author.

I served for 3 years in the Israeli army, as a tank commander and drill sergeant.  I worked for high end security companies and posses an extensive knowledge of small and large firearms. 
This includes special combat techniques in urban and conventional warfare.
I base this mod balance on that knowledge and experience, while taking into account the game futuristic technologies such as power armor and game balance and fun.

Construction items values is based on internet research and close examination of the game meshes.