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Added: 04/06/2016 - 05:14PM
Updated: 24/03/2017 - 02:13PM

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Vanilla ENB...
Unlike many, I Love Bethesda's decision to bring a Rich & Vibrant Colour Palette to the world of Fallout,
and that's why I chose to create this ENB to make the Colours & Textures truly POP!

I do this mainly via tweaks to Contrast, Gamma, Saturation & with the addition of Lumasharpen (Reshade)
...Oh and a subtle amount of Depth of Field thrown in for good measure!
I advise enabling HBA0+ if you can as it works really well when combined with ENB's SSAO

I strongly recommend disabling the Dialogue Camera,
as Depth of Field can interfere with it and the NPC you speak to may become blurred from certain angles

If you enjoy this ENB, please think about leaving a Endorsement!

Go to enbdev.com & download the latest binary HERE, then from the 'Wrapper Version' 
place only 'd3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46e.dll & enblocal.ini' into Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4, 
then place all of my files (from only ONE of the folders) into the same location!

Please set up "enblocal" according to Your PC!
(See this Guide & check Images page for enblocal.ini settings)

Optional File
(ENBoost + Reshade)
This Version simply uses all the benefits of ENBoost but with the addition of Reshade (Lumasharpen)
to subtly sharpen up the textures, which makes a HUGE difference + No flickering puddles bug!

Download ENB v0.283 from ENBDEV.com (using only d3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46e.dll)

My thoughts...
I play on MAX Settings but capped at 31 FPS, with a Xbox One Controller.
I strongly recommend trying it yourself as it saves the frustrating FPS dips,
as with most Bethesda games Fallout 4 is not too well Optimized in area's...!

ALWAYS Calibrate your Monitor!