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.:: A Neotropic Works Creation ::.

Comments On The Video:
1. No speaking as I got frustrated after doing this for literally for the 10th time.
2. I disabled the cool down for demonstration purposes.
3. Shockwave does not knock me back, that was a prior incoming stager from the raider.
4. Uninstall was added after this, so will not appear in the menu.
5. Shock dmg does very little damage because of me being lvl 1 and the raiders having some energy resist.
6. The speed is only 5 seconds. When I turn you can hardly tell it finished.
7. The Settings Menu on the PipBoy has changed, compacted and less text.


I have not been able to extensively test this mod yet.
Since CK and the F4 Update I restarted everything, down to a brand new game.
This was tested only using the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.
I also have not tested it in Power Armor yet. Hoping it should be fine.
So I am not sure how it effects very high levels of game play.


The Wastelander Guardian is a single holotape that adds a whole new set of functions to your PipBoy device. It can be set to continuously check your Health and Radiation levels while active. When either your Health or Radiation reaches a setting that you can specify, it will activate a shield surrounding the you preventing any further damage from all sources for an amount of time that can also be set. The shield that The Wastelander Guardian emits will not be noticeable until the shield is actually hit. Upon impact of the shield, you will see an electrical discharge and a little smoke. The smoke is nothing more than the after effect of it absorbing or decentigrading and projectiles as well as burning scorching melee weapons. (It does not actually burn their weapons.)

In order to obtain this unique holotape, you must first locate the Rebel Science & Technologies Drop Box. The drop box is located somewhere outside of Concord (Shown in video below). Playing the tape will open up the settings in your PipBoy. As as time passes (you level) various upgrades will become available. You will be notified of new upgrades by receiving a Morse Code Signal along with an of incoming message. Revisit the Drop Box to obtain the upgrades.

You pretty much will gain an upgrade every 5 levels. It maybe just one or two upgrades. Either just a holotape or a holotape and upgrade to a current option.

In order to add the upgrade, you first must play the holotape and click [Install Program]. Once you have installed it, remove the disk by dropping it on the ground. Five seconds after doing so, the tape will self destruct. You no longer need the holotape.

Below are all the Options Available for The Wastelander Guardian.

The shield may not negate all previous incoming damage on activation. The shield will not prevent death on deadly blows (But it might, never know). However, it can help prevent death in other situations.

Method 1:
Via "The Wastelander Guardian [Activator]".
This will appear in your AID Tab. You can keybind this item. Once the item is used it will activate the shield.

This is basically a Stealthboy turned into something else (a new record).
However, I failed to get it to play the Stealthboy animation. Which I wanted it to do!
Any help would be appreciated!

Method 2:
Shield activates when your health reaches one of the following settings.
- Activate at 25%
- Activate at 50%- Default
- Activate at 75%

[Radiation Detection]
The shield can be set to detect and run when a certain amount of radiation damage has been received.
- Activate at 150 Rad Damage
- Activate at 300 Rad Damage - Default
- Activate at 450 Rad Damage
- Activate at 600 Rad Damage
- Activate at 750 Rad Damage

This runs independently. It will not run when activated via activator or other sources of damage.
It will use up the Shields Timer and be placed on a Cool Down. At the same time, the above option will NOT remove radiation. So it will not be able to restore health past any current radiation damage. Since it runs only for 5 seconds, it will stop after 5 seconds or until rads removed.

[Impact Colors]
The shield itself is invisible. You only see it when you are hit by anything while it is active. Animation lasts 0.25 of a game second.
Nothing appears while taking Radiation Damage. You just hear it activate, deactivate and heal health and rads.

1 - Default (real light and subtle, not as vivid as others. Black was used as a color to tone it down.)
2 - Blue
3 - White
4 - Gold
5 - Pink
6 - Red
7 - Green
8 - Purple

Shield Color Test.
Can run a test that will show the shield every second.

[Power Sources]
Hitting the activator for the second time while the shield is activated will deactivate the shield.
This will reduce recharge times and power usage for all options.
You will loose the secondary blast.

There are three different ways to run the shield.
The initial default value of the following:

1. Run for 10 Seconds. 10min Cool Down - Default
2. Run for 15 Seconds. 15min Cool Down - Available at Level 25
3. Run for 20 Seconds. 20min Cool Down - Available at Level 50
4. Run for 25 Seconds. 25min Cool Down - Available at Level 75
5. Run for 30 Seconds. 30min Cool Down - Available at Level 100

If using the 30 second duration and deactivate after 10 seconds via activator.
Only 10min cooldown.

[Power Sources]
 - Fusion Core = 200 (Enable or Disable Using)
 - 2mm EC = 150 (Enable or Disable Using)
 - Fusion Cells = 100 (Enable or Disable Using)

Each effect drains power.
Activation, Explosion (Varies), speeds, offense, rads (Per Tick), healing (Per Tick) ect...
It will not over heal/charge you either. If you are at full health before the timer expires, you will not loose power. Only of what was used.

As each one fires, if there is not enough power in the cell, it will not run. It may not have enough to explode? But may for something else.

It will attempt to check for the 3 ammo types above if enabled. It will also attempt to carry over any overflow power drain to the next source. Energy source has 2 power? But need 5? Use the 2, drain 3 from new cell.

Recharge or Cool Down is based on how much power you used.
(60 * PowerUsed) anywhere from 10min to 30min

It charges 1 per second along with what it fires off.
You can shorten the time by hitting tha activator again to stop the shield.

So just using the shield, no other options for 10 seconds results in a 10min cooldown.
So the more power used, the longer the cooldown.

Power Source Regeneration while outside in the sunlight.
Recharges 1 power per minute
I can not realy incorporate this into reducing the cool down. Once the timer has started, thats it.
The recharge takes place after the timer initiates coold down.

[Action Point Power Drain]
Duration of shield is based on how many action points you have. 100AP? Roughly 10 seconds.

Recharge time of shields will be based on how much AP you used along with a set based timer.
(60 * (ActionPointsUsed / 10))
(60 * (100/10)) = 10min (less if less than 100 AP)
Explosions, healing and speed will also use up AP.

[HoT / Heal Over Time]
While the shield is active, it will restore 30% of your base health for 5 seconds.
10 seconds if Shield Timer Options 3-5 are selected.
Option can be disabled.

All tapes must be played before being able to use that option.
All options below can be enabled or disabled.

[Increased Movement Speed]
Speed Tape - Increased movement speed for 5 seconds on activation.
25% Available at Level 10 - Initial Tape
50% Available at Level 25
75% Available at Level 50
100% Available at Level 100

[Offense Tapes]
Melee Knock Back Tape - Available at Level 5
- Knocks back (light impact) Unarmed and Melee attackers on impact giving them a shock animation (same color as chosen shield) and does damage.
- Knock back shield damage: ((PlayerLevel/10) * 20)

(This is my ROFL one. I love this! During testing this in Fallout 3, I used a high number and had comical results)

Radiation Tape - Available at Level 20
- Radiation Damage to near by Enemies while shield is active. Damage scales with player level every 10 lvls.

Shock Tape - Available at Level 45
- Shock Damage to near by Enemies while shield is active. Damage scales with player level every 10 lvls.

Explosions occur on activation.
You can optionally have a secondary explosion 1 second before the shield expires.
These will activate only if you are in combat. And will damage companions.
I will look into adding one for companions later.

Shockwave Tape - Available at Level 15
- Shield causes an Explosion that knocks enemies down and damages them.

Concussive Tape - Available at Level 25
- Shield causes an Explosion that knocks enemies down and damages them.

[Below are basically grenades placed at your location]

Frag Tape - Available at Level 30
- Shield explodes dealing damage to near by enemies when it activates.

Pulse Tape - Available at Level 35
- Shield causes a Pulse Explosion dealing damage to near by enemies when it activates.

Plasma Tape - Available at Level 40
- Shield causes a Plasma Explosion dealing damage to near by enemies when it activates.

Cryo Tape - Available at Level 50
- Shield causes a Cryo Explosion dealing damage to near by enemies when it activates.


If you drop or lose the Core Code or Activators, do not worry,
this will look to see if you have them or not and replace them if missing.
If you found the other, pick it up. It will remove any duplicates.


[How it Works]
I attempted to try and not make this not to powerful.
Yet hopefully, usable and fun! Suicide bomb with Frag into a group of enemies? How fun is that!
No more or less of them heart stopping "OMG SUICIDER NUKER!!!" moments.

It may need adjustments down the road.
I am complete open to recalculating formulas.


This mod adds a perk that makes you immune to everything upon activation. Then removes it upon expiration. I added all weapon types and spells. You will not entirely take no dmg from weapons. When I had to set the Weapons damage modifier to 0.00, everyone ran away when the shield went up. I have had enemies run before in game, it happens. But they should not at a lvl 1 or 2. So to prevent them from fleeing, I set the damage modifier to 0.01. Everything else is 0.00. Stagger, Explosions, Spells and others.

I also added 10k on all resist. Do not need it for like Radiation and a couple others, but with Cryo... though all weapon types and spells are added, I still got frozen, no damage. But I did not get frozen when I had high cold resist. Made no sense.

I kind of over did it by adding what reduces damage.
I kept running into things slipping by.

This will not and should not effect any other mod. Everything created are new records, minus using some effects, sounds and spells from the game, unmodified. Any spells and effects that I did need to modify were created as new records. Nothing in the game has been altered. Double checked in FO4Edit.

Simply download the file via NMM or preferred method. FOMOD Install.
Compatible via option with: Valdacil's Item Sorting & Bhaals Better Sorting

If you are using the item sorting option, the Settings Holotape will appear in the Holotape section.
The Activator will appear under Chems.
Proper Icons.

[Manual Install]
Download the zip file, copy the two files into your Fallout 4 Data folder.

If you use Valdacil's Item Sorting or Bhaals Better Sorting...


sorters/TheWastelanderGuardian.esp => Data/TheWastelanderGuardian.esp
TheWastelanderGuardian.ba2 => Data/TheWastelanderGuardian.ba2

You can either uninstall via the options in on the Disk.  That just stops the quest. Not enough to reset everything just yet. Working on that.

Leave Game
Uninstall Mod
Load Game

Leave Game
Uninstall Mod (or uncheck in MOD Tab in game)
Load Game
Save Game
Leave Game
Install Mod (or re-check in MOD Tab in game)
Load Game

This mod does not require any additional functionality or F4SE.
Though that may change in the future for PC users.

[Manual Uninstall]
Remove Data/TheWastelanderGuardian.esp
Remove Data/TheWastelanderGuardian - Main.ba2


This is my first mod created using any Creation Kit (Skyrims). Have used G.E.C.K. (Fallout 3/NV). And am an extremely well diverse web programmer.
I plan on creating more interesting and unique mods. Which eventually will get larger and larger the more I learn.
I have big plans and ideas for Rebel Science & Technologies.


Version 2.1
1. Updated Tape to show under Settings Holotapes in Val's Update.
2. Set stager to be reduced by 50% instead of being set to 0. More realistic.
3. A couple typo's fixed.
4. Melee Knockback damage fixed.

Version 2.0
1. Fixed Radiation Damage/Detection
2. Added various forms of usage. Either by Power Source, Action Points or by Default Timer.
3. Set activator to enable and disable shield at anytime when shield is available.

[My Other mods]
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