Standalone Enclave X-01 Power Armor Paintjob - Lore Fix by XricsX
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For the mod "Enclave Encounters [XB1]" I gave permission to use my textures.

You can use any aspect of this mod in your own. If you do so, please include me in the crdeits and a link back to this page, thank you.


This mod adds 2 things to your game. A standalone enclave paintjob to the X-01 AND a complete renewal of how you can acquire this Power Armor. This mod requires ALL DLCs

Have you ever wondered why there are tons of X-01 parts (and a full ugly Quantum set in Nuka World ;_;) all around the commonwealth in pre-war military convoys? Well I have. This power armor was created back in 2220 on the West-Coast and was in service untill the Advanced PA Mk.2 came along around 2277.
Anyways I found it lore breaking and un-immersive so I removed all leveled X-01 sets/parts from the leveled list. The only way you can get this beast from now on is to search for one of their old bunkers.

Im fully aware of the lore change X-01 =/= APA but that is just spitting in the lore's face and here's why:
"The most advanced pre-War model, T-51b power armor..."
"June 2076: The T-51b power armor prototype is finally completed...This suit represents the pinnacle of power armor technology before the outbreak of the Great War"
"2077:...early models of the X-01 power armor were under development by the US goverment with one model being put up for display at the Galactic Zone at the Nuka-World Amusement Park to advertise the recently released Nuka-Cola Quantum."

(These quotes are all from the Nuka Pedia.)

Soo... If the T-51b is the most advanced PA how come the more advanced T-60? And the even more advanced X-01? And if they only sent ONE X-01 to Nuka World because it was under development (meaning not fit for combat). Why am I seeing a lot of them in the Commonwealth fully functioning, with better stats than the other models?

The logic there is unquestionable... Great lore change...


- 2 variants of the Enclave paintjob + optional No symbol version (All in 4K)
- A new mysterious bunker waiting to be explored, with custom voiced audio logs (see pics for location)
- Altered leveled list so only one X-01 set can be found in the Commonwealth
- Custom named frame called "Advanced Power Armor"
- Altered loadingscreen text for 120% IMMERSION

-NOT retextures the Frame, Jetpack, Hands.
I recommend downloading this one: Black Titanium Power Armor Frame

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-Huge THANKS to:
-Avallonkao for allowing me to use his textures.
-Castell as well, for his textures.
-100108617 (Alex) for helping me with ideas, scripting, and testing the mod several times. Please check out his Enclave Player Home
-CaptainCrackhorse for making a German translation of this mod
-John Andparrot for for helping me with Voice acting. Any Hungarians, please check out his channel!