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Will you and the convoy from the colony of DC1 survive the grueling bloody voyage from McKinney to Big Spring over 300 miles of broken freeway across central Texas with near death encounters at every turn?

This is a gamebook adapted for playing inside of Fallout 3. A gamebook consists of numbered sections and you start at section #1. Each section describes a part of a story and at the end of it you may at times make a choice in the story by selecting which one of multiple sections to go to next. The sections have been hidden inside the Fallout 3 world as notes and you must make good use of your wits and keen senses to be able to find them.

IMPORTANT: Note #1 is located inside the Temple of the Union. It's in a corner on the top floor.

Click on "HighwayHolocaustV1" (or whatever version is the latest one) under the "Mirrors"-tab (the file is hosted on Project Aon for legal reasons).

You play by deciding which section to go to next according to the rules of the gamebook Highway Holocaust. Then you read the location hint for that section at the bottom of the current note and try to find it.

Start by reading the game rules (if this seems tedious then skip to "How to play with minimum effort" below). Playing in accordance with the rules will give you the most fun and satisfying game play as you will be holding stakes in two games at once (Fallout 3 and Highway Holocaust). This involves creating a character in Highway Holocaust and keeping track of his vital stats on paper.

The game rules along with the background story is available under the "Mirrors"-tab under the following headings:
- "Game rules"
- "The beginning of the story"
- "The events leading up to the great war"

You'll need to print out these (available as text files and images in the zip file with this mod):
- Action Chart
- Random Number Table
- Combat Results Table
- Map of Texas (to know where you are travelling to in the book just for fun).

Highway Holocaust is designed to be played several times and it's difficult to finish it without getting killed. This is unpractical in Fallout 3 since you need to search and travel to find a note and not just flip a page in a book. Therefore I've altered the rules in the following way to allow you to finish the book in a single session:

- Instant deaths: If you come to a note that's an instant death, just return to the previous note and retry.
- Endurance points: If your endurance points reach zero just give yourself 10 new endurance points and keep playing.
- Final score: If you wish to measure your success you can count the number of instant deaths and deaths by endurance points reaching zero that you suffer. Your final score in the game is equal to the number of deaths and zero would be a perfect score! If you wish you can post your score and compare with other players.

The easiest way to play is to ignore the rules of Highway Holocaust. The only necessary action then is to choose the next note to go to. You can for example flip a coin to determine which to choose. You can still enjoy the story and the challenge of finding the notes this way.

- Don't take any other notes than the one you've been requested to take or you might break the chain of notes that make up the story. There will be many notes so you'll clutter up your pip boy as well (over 400 notes in the game but you'll only pick up about 80-100).
- If you can't find a note, you can go back to the last one you took and try something different or try for another note if there are several available to you.
- In most cases, you are not to exit the local map/town you are currently in unless specifically told to do so.

Important supplies you are definitly going to need:
- Rad suit
- Lots of Rad-X
- Lots of Rad-away
- A scoped weapon such as a sniper rifle for use as a visual aid

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Copy the file "HighwayHolocaust.esp" to (install folder)\Fallout\Data\
3. Start Fallout Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the file "HighwayHolocaust.esp".

1. Start Fallout Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the file "HighwayHolocaust.esp".
2. Delete the file "HighwayHolocaust.esp".

- Suggestions are welcome. I don't have a lot of time to spend on this project but I'll try to correct any major issues.
- If you respond to a question in the forum about where a note is located, please do so in private so you don't spoil the game for other players.

Highway Holocaust is just the first of four gamebooks in the series "Freeway Warrior", created by Joe Dever:

1. Highway Holocaust (1988)
2. Slaughter Mountain Run (1989)
3. The Omega Zone (1989)
4. California Countdown (1989)

The last three books have not been made available online as of yet on the Aon project web page (http://www.projectaon.org/) but I did find copies of the remaining books on Amazon. So if you enjoyed playing Highway Holocaust you can use and develop your character with further skills when you play the next books in the series.

For more information on "Freeway Warrior", see the link "Highway Holocaust on Wikipedia" under the "Mirrors"-tab.

Many, many heartfelt thanks to:
- Bethesda for making an excellent game and for releasing the geck editor which made this mod possible.
- Joe Dever for writing the book Highway Holocaust and for making it available to the public online and free of charge.
- The Project Aon Volunteers that run the web site http://www.projectaon.org which gives free online access to many of Joe Dever's excellent gamebooks including the Lone Wolf.

- The text of Highway Holocaust is (C)opyright 1988 Joe Dever.
- The copyright to this Fallout 3 modification belongs to the author here on Fallout 3 Nexus. If you wish to use it in derivate works, please ask me for permission first.

- None at this time.

- 1.0: Public release