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Added: 01/12/2008 - 08:18PM
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In the latest version (1.3) the suite can be bought from Lydia Montenegro (Or Michael Masters) for 5000 caps. There is also a high level speech check so you can attempt to get it for free if you want. I have not extensively tested this latest version so if you encounter anything out of the ordinary please do either PM me or post in the comments. If you have the Megaton house already and you have bought themes/items for it, those themes/items SHOULD be free to buy from Boutique Le Chic and SHOULD work properly in the Suite when you buy them. I have also edited the scripts for the bobble head stands so when you add a bobble head to either of them it will add it to the other stand too. The suite is also renamed to "My Tenpenny Suite" when you purchase it.

NOTE: If you decide to not save megaton while you have this mod enabled, the conversations about buying the suite should not be available.


Known issues:
-Buying lots of themes from different vendors tends to screw things up a little, i would reccomend buying one theme only.


Version History:
1.3 - I entirely remade the mod from scratch (dispite the fact i said i wouldent) and now the suite is bought from Lydia Montenegro or Michael Masters in tenpenny tower. The suite costs 5000 caps and can be gotten for free if you can pass the hard speech check.

1.2 - Changed: The "Debug Menu" option is now labeled "I would like it for free, actually!". This is due to the hack option not working properly and i could not find a way to make it work

1.1 - Fixed: If you add a bobble head to either of the stands (Tenpenny or Megaton) it will also add to the other stand
Added: There is now an option to purchase the suite if you don't like to carry all of those weightless caps around with you ;)
Added: There is an option to hack the terminal which sells the suite so you can get it for free, but you need 50+ Science and you get a small amount of negative Karma

1.0 - Added: There is a terminal next to the suite door. Use it and click yes to recieve the suite.

0.4 - Added: The Suite can now be purchased from Moira Brown in Megaton for 2500 caps (base price) rather than having to wear Tenpennys outfit!

0.3 - Added: The Empty Suite is now renamed to My Tenpenny Tower Suite
Fixed: You no longer recieve caps when you put Tenpennys Outfit on
Fixed: I am no longer using the "player.SetStage 14E9E 200" method, so theoretically, the dialogue and radio should not mention the player blowing up megaton

0.2 - Fixed/Added: Ability to buy themes and items from Boutique Le Chic (Tenpenny Tower Store)
Fixed: Buying themes and items from Moira (Megaton Store) will add them to the Tenpenny suite
Added?: If you have already purchased an item or theme from Moira (Megaton shop) you can either purchase it again for free at Boutique Le Chic or it will just already be there.

0.1 - Initial Release


If anyone has any suggestions, comments or anything, feel free to post it in the comments section!


Special thanks to Mattz333 for giving me ideas and help and for being awesome! <3