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Added: 05/11/2008 - 04:22AM
Updated: 22/11/2008 - 04:58PM

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Last updated at 16:58, 22 Nov 2008 Uploaded at 4:22, 5 Nov 2008

Misc Item Weight Fix (Version 1.2 - By Neclipse)

This mod changes many Misc items to more realistic weights. For a complete list of weight changes open Weight Changes.txt that is included with the mod.

Some common items changed:

Cups, Spoons, Plates and Forks no longer weight a 1 pound. Instead Cups and Plates weigh .5 while Forks and spoons weight .1. Also no items that weigh 0 anymore. All 0 weight items were changed to .1. (Unless they were quest items, in which they remain unchanged.)

Schematics, Bobbleheads, and Quest items, Money and a few normal items remain unchanged.


1. Unrar MiscWeightFix.rar to your Fallout 3/Data folder.
2. Go to Data Files in your FO 3 launcher menu and check MiscWeightFix.esp.
-- If this doesn't work edit your plugin.txt and add MiscWeightFix.esp to it manually.
3. Launch your game and Enjoy.


1. Remove MiscWeightFix.esp from your /Data directory.
2. Remove it from plugin.txt if you added it manually.

Will not be compatible with any mod that changes the Misc Items featured in this mod.


11.4.08 Version 1.0
Initial Release

11.16.08 Version 1.1
Changed the weights for Carton of Cigarettes (1), Pack of Cigarettes (.3), Butter Knife (.1), Opthalscope (.5), Fission Battery (5), Big Spoon (.1), Paint Gun (3).

11.22.08 Version 1.2
Changed the weights of Leather Belt (.5), Turpentine (1), and Empty Whiskey Bottle (.5).


To contact me PM me on the official Fallout 3 forums - http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/ . Just send a PM to Neclipse. If you find any problems or issues with my mod. Please PM me.

Thanks To:

ElminsterAU for FO3Edit
Timeslip for FOMM.
Everyone over at #Fallout3modding


Feel free to modify these values to your liking. But if combine it with another mod, please give me a little credit. Thanks :).