Warhammer 40k Tau Compilation by rylasasin
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Last updated at 1:50, 28 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 13:53, 15 Aug 2009

Compilation made by: rylasasin
Compiled mods by DaiShi and sparky84

Plz note that this compilation was done by rylasasin, so every credit should go to him

- All Tau stuff is now MERGED into one ESP!

- MSZeta ESP addon included For MSZ users. Makes it so Tau weapons also get the Xenotech bonus (they're xeno weapons too, just of a completely different origin) (to avoid conflicts, its actually a totally separate, hidden perk which is given to the player if he has Xenotech, which works in the exact same way but only effects tau weapons)

- The Footlocker now contains 15 armors, 5 rifles, 5 carbines, 5 rail rifles, so you can start your own Tau (Gue'Vesa) army without having to memorize pesky additem codes. it also re spawns. How about that? Ammo not included.

- Damages and Spread have been reverted closer to their originals. They aren't the most damaging things around, and they have some spread issues. They have had their damage upped SLIGHTLY though, and thier min spread is reduced, but both the carbine and the rifle have a MAX spread of 4. Not because of the way they were in FireWarrior (most people dislike that game BECAUSE of how far away from tau lore it actually is, especially when it comes to weapons) but because a human is not quite used to these weapons. However, there's a trick here. Can you find it?

- Alternate method to get the tau drones to follow you if your lacking in science skill and/or don't have robotics expert.

- ???: After you Deliver about 10 fission batteries or 1000 Micro Fusion cells to Ko'vash, you'll get a nice little surprise...

Copy it to the data folder check Tau ammo.esm nad th .esp(s)

If you are using a previous weapon mod uncheck the .esps the meshes and textures etc. should be the same but owerwrite them just to be sure.

Mods included:
Warhammer 40k Tau Pulse Carbine
Warhammer 40k Tau Pulse Rifle
Warhammer 40k Tau Rail Rifle
Warhammer 40k Tau Armor
Warhammer 40k Tau Drone Companions
Warhammer 40k Tau Amo Vendor (as optional file for weapon mods)

After 10 fission batteries or 1000 MFCs, The next time you great Ko'Vash he will actually Talk to you, and explain that he has been able to repair his translation device. He does not have enough energy to repair the distress signal, but in the mean time he will teach you about the greater good, etc. A messagebox will pop up displaying some interesting, Tau-ish things. More importantly, you'll gain the Gue'Vesa Perk.
This little perk does wonders for your TAU character: Most obvious is that Kovash will talk to you (he works the exact same way, except now he actually says stuff). 2nd: You now have access to the drones without the need to hack them.
3rd and best of all: Your weapon spread for the Carbine, Rifle, and Rail are halved, and damage doubled. However, it only works if you stay true to the Greater Good (in other words: you have high karma). A further bonus is rewarded for being totally devoted to the Greater Good (having Very Good karma): Base damage is TRIPLED and stacked on the High Karma bonus, and Spread is outright eliminated. Exception is the Rail Rifle: First damage bonus is Base 25%+ (125), Next bonus is 75% (200 damage total) Note that these bonuses ONLY apply to the Tau Weapons.
I suggest you use Karma Revamped, or Karma Revamped Extreme with this mod to balance it out better.

Ver 1.0
Initial Release

Ver 1.1
Fixes to the Gue'Vesa perk. 1.75 damage increase for rail was being awarded regardless of karma, and 2.0 damage for carbine and pulse was ONLY being awarded on good karma and not both good karma AND very good karma. That is fixed now.

Pulse Rifle now fires faster, but at the same time pulse weapons have damage reduced. This is an attempt to bring it more in line with the DOW version. Also damage mult. for very good perk is now 2.0x instead of 3.0x

Ver 1.2:
Yet more corrections to the perk to get it to work as intended. Hopefully this is the last time I have to tinker with it. ¬_¬