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Added: 12/08/2009 - 01:34PM
Updated: 23/04/2011 - 04:50AM

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Last updated at 4:50, 23 Apr 2011 Uploaded at 13:34, 12 Aug 2009

This plugin REQUIRES my main companions pack, downloadable here.

v1.7: Fix made to Vault 1 cell options.

v1.6: Small changes made to guard hairs to keep them working with the new formIDs of Nos' Companions v1.7.

v1.5: Reset Guards' heights. They had somehow all gotten set to 1.1100 - making them all nearly a head taller than the player. They used to be varying heights... I have no idea how they got messed up.

v1.4: Updated Guard scripts to bring full compatibility with the new RR Companions Vault V5 companion system. If you use guards as companions, you should see a marked increase in their performance. If you don't use them that way, you're not likely to notice a difference.

V1.3: Updated to be compatible with version 1.4 of my companions pack. Note: you MUST have 1.4 or better of the companions pack to run this mod. If you have an older version, the custom race the guards now use will not exist, and YOUR GAME WILL CRASH ON LOADING. This is not a bug, nor an error. It is simply the way the FO3 engine works.

v1.2: Updated the plugin to maintain compatibility with v4.93 of the RR Companion Vault master. Also made a minor dialog change, that removes the ability to rename these guards. Does not effect standard guards, nor prisoners; only the eight guards in this plugin.

V1.1: Changes guards outfits to the new Vault 1 Security Uniform. Now REQUIRES verson 4.9 or better of the RR Companion Vault master file.

V1.0: Initial Release.

Like the idea of having guards patrol and well, guard Vault 1 and your companions who aren't being used at the moment, but you don't like those guys who keep getting in the way of your nonstop eyecandy schemes?

Yeah, me too. So, I did something about it.

This plugin adds eight new guards to Vault 1. All are women, all are passably hot, all are armed with randomly spawning weapons from the leveled lists, instead of those boring old combat shotguns.

Guards all use the standard V1 Guard packages, so they operate just like the ones in ttomwv's RRGuards plugin, although the NPCs themselves are my own creations - this is NOT a modified form of the RRGuards file, and does not require it be installed or used in any way.

Guards' jobs can be reassigned on the fly by talking to them, and selecting the appropriate choices. Guards' equipment can be changed out in a similar fashion. Guards can be told to accompany you as companions.

As this operates independantly of the RRGuards plugin, they CAN be run at the same time without any issues that I've observed. Just don't blame me if your computer threatens your life after rendering all the NPCs.

Requires RR Companions Vault mod (obviously): http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3644

Requires version 1.4 or higher of my Companions master file: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8090

*Bugs and incompatibilities:
None that I'm aware of. Rendering the new NPCs will of course be a performance hit, especially if you also run the standard RRGuards.esm at the same time. Shouldn't interfere with turning captured NPCs into guards, but I haven't heavily tested this.

I've tried to put the guards' spawn points in places where they won't overlap with anything; however, as NPCs tend to move around, it is possible that another NPC will be standing in one of the new guards' spawn points the first time you start the mod. In my experience, this causes an instant CTD on trying to load the cell. If this happens: turn the mod off, load the game, wait a few hours for the NPCs to move around, save, and try it again.

*Installation: Extract RR Vault 1 Alternate Guards.esm into your Fallout 3\Data\ directory. Open your mod manager of choice, and check the pretty box next to RR Vault 1 Alternate Guards.esm . Run Fallout 3 as normal.

Load order: RR Vault 1 Alternate Guards.esm needs to go after Nos' RR Companions.esm, as well as RR companions Vault.esm. Beyond that, it's fairly load order insensitive. Should come after any master files that add new weapons to the leveled lists, if you want the guards to be able to spawn with them.

*Uninstallation: Take any items you want to save from the guards, save and exit the game. Go to Fallout 3\Data\ and delete RR Vault 1 Alternate Guards.esm .

You can reach me, or find a listing of my other mods through my Fallout 3 Nexus member's page: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=956857