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Real Injuries

"Real Injuries" changes Crippled Limbs more serious. Stimpaks can't heal your crippled limbs. You have to find other way.

Real Injuries will address game difficulty via through "Healing Source" and "Healing Mechanism" changes. With Real Injuries, Game Difficulty will increase. Also you may use "RI - Primary Needs" with "Real Injuries". "RI - Primary Needs" is designed for combine with "Real Injuries".

Official discussion topic

For detailed information, please read the RI_Readme.html

Fix and changes in 3.0.2
  • Fix Applying Medical brace condition
  • Change Medical brace immediately remove from inventory when using.

Fix and changes in 3.0.1
  • Fix Message typo
  • Fix readme type
  • Fix minor condition issue
  • RI_Core changes for RI - Primary Needs.

Version 3.0.0
Important Note:
Version 3.0.0 is not compatible with current 2.6.x. If you want use new version, uninstall first. Then install 3.0.0.

Version 3.0.0 overview
  • Less dialog menu
  • Cleanup/Optimize scripts
  • Change Wounds System
  • New shared ESM master for both "Real Injuries" and "RI - Primary Needs"
  • Easy to enhance, easy to maintenance.

For more details please read the document.

Fixes in 2.6.8
  • Fix possible script issue
  • Re-Compile FOSE related script for FOSE beta 5

Fix/Change in 2.6.7
  • Fix Morphine Addiction issue
  • Re-Compile FOSE related script for FOSE beta 4

Fix in 2.6.6b
RI_DoctorCost.esp replace. If you don't use this option, you don't need update.
2.6.6 archive had RI_DoctorCost.esp for 3.0.0 (currently under development). Sorry for inconvenience.
No other changes. If you are not using RI_DoctorCost.esp, you don't need re-download.

Fix in 2.6.6
  • Stimpak creation menu condition issue

Changes and Fixes in 2.6.5

Wounds System
Real Injuries 2.6.5 introduce new "Wounds System". Default Disabled, you can enable this feature via through config menu.

Light Wounds:
When PC loose 45%/33% (Preset 2/3) health, PC became to Light Wounds state. Penalty: -1 STR / HP Max Limited to 70%

Severe Wounds:
When PC loose 90%/66% (Preset 2/3) health PC became to Severe Wounds state. Penalty: -3 STR / HP Max Limited to 40%.

Super Stimpak
Now you can create "Super Stimpak".

Super Stimpak is an advanced, very powerful healing chem. Super Stimpak will cause small amount of damage after a period of time due to the powerful nature of the chemicals used.

Base Effect: Restore Health 12, Duration 5 secs, Cure Severe Wounds and "Bleed out" effect: After 240 seconds PC will receive 25% of Max health amounts damage.

Quick Blood Pack
Doctors sell new item of "Quick Blood Pack". Can cure severe wounds state. Recommend to use after combat.

Your stimpak can cure Light Wounds, and also can cure Severe wounds partially.
If you use stimpak when you are wounded severely, PC status change to Light Wound.

RadAway effect change Cure Radiation over Time. Cost Increased.
Also, RadAway was added into "Real Injuries" vendor script. Doctor always sell few RadAways.

Home Infirmary Change
Home Infirmary's Remove Rad option:
If you choose Preset 2 (Real Injuries preset), Infirmary's "Remove Rad" feature require one RadAway. Effect is "Restore 200 Radiation".

Stimpak Creation: (No Skill Requirement)
Stimpak creation now require Purified Water.

Prepare Bloodpack: (Require Medicine 50+)
You can create Quick Blood Pack from: 1 Surgical Tubing + 1 Empty Hypodermic + 1 Blood Pack
Super Stimpak Creation: (Require Medicine 75+)
You can create Super Stimpak from: 1 Healing Powder + 1 Mutfruit + 1 Nuka-Cola + 1 Empty Hypodermic

Doctor no longer cure your Rads completely. Doctors only cure 300 Rads / 100 Caps.
Doctor can cure light/severe wounds.

Now Vodka cures your 25 Rads. Base Value increased.

Add/Modify in-game help
You can access new helps via through in-game help menu. (Type ESC key, then select Help)

Patch/Heal Limbs healing amount
If PC's medicine skill is grater than or equal to 50, heal amounts increase

Patch Limbs: + (Medicine Skill / 10)
Heal Limbs : + (Medicine Skill / 5)

Empty Hypodermic (RI_StimpakReplacer.esp)
Due to some CTD reports, I migrated RI_StimpakReplacer.esp into RI_Base.esp
2.6.5 no longer require RI_StimpakReplacer.esp, and no longer support RI_StimpakRemoval.esp.
  • Fix: Quick Patch no longer use First Aid Kit charge.
  • Fix: Some script condition error fixed.
  • Fix: FOSE key response improved.
  • Misc: Change all in-game items icon to Medicine Skill Icon (except Empty Hypodermic).
  • Improvement: Morphine speed refresh more smoother.
  • Improvement: Optimize Morphine Monitor

Known Issues or Bugs
I don't have any. If you find, please let me know.

You can find me on the official Fallout 3 forums as 'kathrin'

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to Fallout 3 Nexus for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to Valkynaz Khazgrim (Bethsoft forum) for lots of good suggestions.
Thanks to Triljian (Bethsoft forum) for testing addction behavior.
Thanks to Claw (Bethsoft forum) for good suggestions.
Thanks to Dunderklumpen (Bethsoft forum) for good suggestions and corrected my wrong grammar.
Thanks to runicNomad (FO3Nexus forum) for corrected my wrong grammar.
Thanks to mailor (Bethsoft forum) for suggestions and message corrections.
And thanks to all users.

Tools Used
FO3Edit - http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=637
FOMM - http://timeslip.chorrol.com/index.html
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

Please do not alter/redistribute/migrate this mod without my express permission.

To prevent the disruption caused by number of variant of master ESM, DO NOT modify or redistribute ESM file. You can use as resources for your own mods, but if you do this, tell your users to download RI_Core.esm from "Real Injuries" download page. DO NOT include RI_Core.esm with your own mod's archive.