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Better game pacing is reached by reducing XP rewards for combat, lockpicking and hacking, thus focusing the big XP gains on doing quests.

I felt that fallout, especially on the high difficulty settings, punishes you for exploring by upping your level way too fast. consequently you could only see about 1/10th of the game before hitting the level cap and having only top-of-the-line enemies.

now this takes a lot longer, and you get to explore more and be introduced to better items and enemies at a better pace that matches the size of the game.

NOTE: I could have removed the cap, or made levels significantly harder to reach, but the point is that the game would still level up around you as you level up (doesn't happen after the cap), and that much of your XP will come from quests, rather than from 5 hard locks (which doesn't happen if I only raise the xp needed per level).

Also, I avoid the other solution some mods use which is to simply bump the xp required to level up by a significant marigin because it breaks the game.
Not all the world levels up around you, and if you level TOO slowly, you can get to a point where you simply can't keep up with the game (can't win hack/lockpick/etc checks).
My solution makes it that quests still level you up properly, but it is EXPLORATION that receives reduced XP, which is the only thing this game needed.

Savegame compatible, but for best results possible, a new game is advised (after all, what's the point of levelling up slower when you're already at level 18)

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