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Stranger is a modification intended to make the world of Fallout 3 more exciting. Success in combat depends on player skill; at high combat skill levels, the player character aims exactly where you do, and each bullet can be fatal... whether it was fired from your gun, or your opponent's. Out-of-combat modifications improve various game imbalances and increase the difficulty of living in the wastes.

Stranger is ideal for players who want to experience the harsh world of Fallout 3 as a survivor against impossible odds.

Stranger is being developed as a modular addition. Most changes are optional and can be removed at any time. To play Stranger as intended, install all of the Core modules.


Stranger is in the very early phases of development. Many glaring imbalances and nonsensical design choices are due to the mod's work in progress state. If you have any feedback on balance or general gameplay issues, please leave it on Fallout 3 Nexus. I read every comment, and each one - no matter how incendiary - is appreciated.

Melee and Unarmed is unfortunately not viable. Sorry to melee players; this issue will be addressed in future revisions.

Players may wish to not install the weight capacity module until future revisions alter item weight.


Extract archive to your Fallout 3 folder.

Open FALLOUT.INI in the My Documents/My Games/Fallout3/. Search for bInvalidateOlderFiles=0 and change it to bInvalidateOlderFiles=1.

Run the Fallout 3 Launcher. Select Data Files. Tick all of the Stranger modules you wish to install, and select OK. Have fun!


If you select the pack "Stance affects accuracy", do not install "Stance does not affect accuracy". These modules are unfortunately - and unavoidably - tied to the main combat module. If neither one of these modules is installed, accuracy will be drastically lowered.


Combat is mostly done in real-time, out of V.A.T.S..
All weapons deal reduced damage.
Health has been greatly reduced, both for players and NPCs.
Limbs cripple easily and have a much more pronounced effect.
Accuracy is primarily determined by the player's aim.
Various conditions have a minor effect on accuracy.
Movement speed has been increased.
Sneak-running has no Sneak penalty.


Action Points regenerate very slowly.
V.A.T.S. accuracy has been increased massively at short- and medium-range.
V.A.T.S. accuracy drops off dramatically at long-range.
Players take full damage while in V.A.T.S..


Players have a base 50 weight capacity.
Each point in Strength adds 5 weight.
Players have a base 100 health, which does not increase with level.
Each point in Endurance adds 10 health.
Players have a base of 14 Action Points.
Each point in Agility adds 1.6 Action Points.
Combat masteries no longer increase damage.
Combat masteries increase accuracy, up to perfect accuracy at 100.
The Melee Combat and Unarmed skills have no effect (to be fixed).
The Silent Running perk has no effect (to be fixed).


Repairing is no longer essential for weapons to deal good damage.
At 60% condition and below, weapons have a chance to jam while firing.
This chance increases exponentially as condition decreases.
At 20% condition and below, weapons have decreased accuracy.
This effect increases as condition decreases.


Experience required to level up has been increased.
Experience from lockpicking and hacking increases exponentially with difficulty.
There is no longer an experience reward bonus on Hard and Very Hard.


All repeatable means of gaining Karma have been removed.
Be very careful with your negative Karma, if you want to be a good guy.
The Karma requirement for "Very Good" has been decreased.
The Karma penalty for stealing has been massively decreased.


Radiation is acquired at a 5x rate.
Radiation does not dissipate naturally. Use Rad-X or visit a doctor.


Feedback is always appreciated, whether constructive or inflammatory. If you want to let me know what you think of the mod, or have ideas for improvement, please leave your messages on Fallout 3 Nexus. Thank you, and have fun.