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The Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch includes this fix. Consider installing the UFO3P instead of using this mod.
Name: Harold Fire Fix
Version: 1.1
Date: 11/28/2008
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author(s): Galahaut
Thread: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=916443
Site: GECK-Tec
Source: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=710

***Oasis Quest Spoilers Below**

In the Oasis quest, one potential "solution" involves setting Harold on fire. The only weapons that can do so are the Fat Man, Missile Launcher, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Nuka Grenade, Shishkebab, and Flamer. Unfortunately, Bethesda (again) left out the unique versions of those weapons from the list.

This mod simply adds the Experimental MIRV (Unique Fat Man), Miss Launcher (Unique Missile Launcher), Burnmaster (Unique Flamer), and A3-21's Plasma Rifle, as well as the Firelance and, optionally, the Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol to the list of weapons that can set Harold on fire.

There are two .ESPs included. HaroldFireFix-Base.esp adds all the above weapons except the Zhu-Rong Chinese Pistol to the list. HaroldFireFix-All.esp adds all of the above weapons to the list, including the Zhu-Rong Chinese Pistol.

1. Copy files to (install folder)\Fallout 3\Data\
2. Activate *ONLY ONE* .ESP through the launcher or FOMM (recommended).

1. Deactivate .ESP through the launcher or FOMM.
2. Delete the .ESPs.

This mod will most likely only be updated in the case of problems being found or someone making me aware of other weapons that should be included.

This mod will conflict with any other mod which edits the Form ID List (FLST) MS10SetHaroldOnFireWeaponsList.

I do not yet know of any mods that edit this list.

Known Issues or Bugs
None, so far.

1.0 - 11/24/08 - Initial release. Burnmaster, Experimental MIRV, A3-21's Plasma Rifle, Miss Launcher, Zhu-Rong Chinese Pistol. 2 ESPs.
1.1 - 11/28/08 - Update. Added Firelance to both ESPs.

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wodashgsj - Reporting Firelance missing from list.

Bethesda - Creating Fallout 3 and once again forgetting about the existence of their unique weapons.

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ElminsterAU - FO3Edit
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You can do whatever you want with this mod as long as appropriate credit is given. No permission is necessary, but I would appreciate being contacted just to see what was done.