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Last updated at 19:18, 10 Jun 2009 Uploaded at 17:25, 29 May 2009

Version 2 of the mod is now available! The ending has been severely tweaked, so there is no more fear of corrupting your saves.

Also, the new ending should appeal more to those of you who wanted a little more closure in the first one.

The Story

It was yet another drab and uninteresting office meeting at the Nexus Forums Headquarters.
Dark0ne, Buddah, and the rest of the gang were all sitting at the Official Nexus Round Table engaging in seemingly unproductive conversation.
It was then that AlienSlof spoke the words that would change their lives forever.
"You know guys, I can't wait till our website hits one million members! I would do anything to have that many users subscribe to the site."
The others nodded in agreement.
"Honestly", LHammonds began, "I would trade my soul for that kind of action. In a heartbeat!"
Not a moment after those words left his lips, the ground started to shake with the rumble of an African stampede, and a fiery golden pentagram began etching itself into the center of the table. A grotesque demon reached its putrid claw out from the hellish portal, and quickly pulled itself into their mortal realm.

"Greetings Humans. I am Efreet, bringer of eternal joy, granter of life's most wholesome desires. I can make your wildest dreams come true... but at what price? I ask only for one simple thing in return. Such a small thing really. You probably don't even know you have one."

The crew quickly glanced at each other in disbelief, then stared back at the Demon.
Dark0ne was the first to speak.
"Oh Efreet, powerful demon of the underworld, we have summoned you on this day to ask that you grant us a favor."
"Anything child..." the demon spoke, "Anything is possible, at the right price."
"But we have not money, nor anything a demon of your stature could possibly want."
"Oh, but there you are wrong, dear child. For you have an item worth much more to me than your pathetic human currencies. You have trapped within that fragile human body of yours... a soul. I will gladly grant your wish, child, in exchange for that one simple thing."

"Is that all?" Bben shouted, excitement flickering in his voice. "Well what are we waiting for guys? It's not like we use our souls for anything else, right?
Hell, I didn't even know we had one until now!"

It seemed like the crew was in unanimous agreement, when suddenly an outraged Buddah slammed his fists onto the table.
"NOOOOO!!!" He screamed.
"Don't you fools see? Trading this creature our souls for worldly pleasures is a clear violation of our own website's terms and conditions!!!"

A terrible silence fell over the crowd; a silence that caused each respective staff member to snap their eyes to their own feet in shame.
AlienSlof, however, made no hesitation in breaking this silence.
"Who cares? It's just some stupid list of junk. Nobody reads it anyway."
AlienSlof then looked up at Buddah, who was now fuming with rage.
"How... HOW DARE YOU!! The terms and conditions is the law of the website! AND NO ONE IS ABOVE THE--"

His rant was cut short by an offensively large boot to his head, for in an effort to silence Buddah, Dark0ne had mercilessly whomped his face with enough force to knock him clean out of his seat. Lying on the floor with his hand instinctively assessing his face for damage, a shocked and offended Buddah stared up at the now towering DarkOne. "Well then Buddah," Dark0ne began, "it seems quite obvious where your loyalties lie. If you're not willing to give your soul for the website, then clearly the best interests of the Forums is not your priority. Therefore, I hereby banish you from the title of Nexus Forum staff. Goodbye Buddah, and good riddance!"

Picking him up by all of his limbs, the staff proceeded to throw Buddah out of the second story window.

He awoke several hours later, Dark0ne's last words ringing in his head.
"I hereby banish you... I hereby banish you..."
Buddah stood up and dusted himself off.
Staring at the now decrepit and unholy facade of what was once the Nexus Forums Headquarters, Buddah spoke these words:
"AlienSlof, Bben, LHammonds, Dark0ne... I hereby swear to banish you from this terrible hell that you have created."
And with those words, he began towards the greatest challenge he would ever face.

Installing Banished! on Your Computer

To install the mod, expand the zip file and open it, then copy the contents of the included "Data" folder into the Data folder of your Fallout 3 directory.
Also, be sure to use Fallout Mod Manager or Fallout Launcher to flag the mod as active.

To play the game as Buddah, extract the contents of the included "Buddah Save" folder to:

(For Windows XP users)
C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Games\Fallout3\Saves\

(For Windows Vista Users)
C:\Users\[YourUserName]\Documents\My Games\Fallout3\Saves\

Please keep in mind that although I did make sure that this mod would be compatible with your personal characters, the mod was INTENDED to be played using the save file provided.

Moving on.


So far no compatibility issues have been encountered. If you discover one, be sure to let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it.


(http://geck.bethsoft.com) For teaching me most of what I know about scripting and editing

(The Geck) Obviously. The mod would not have been possible without this wonderful little program.

(www.fraps.com) For providing me with the means of capturing in-game footage of my mod.

(www.futureworldmusic.com) For the awesome music samples used in the mod's youtube trailer

(Adobe Audition) The program I used to record the voice-over in the beginning of the video

(Adobe Premier) The program I used to compile and edit the video


If you would like to use/distribute any part of this mod, just be sure to give the proper credit and provide a link to it.
C'est tout.