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Added: 18/04/2009 - 05:45AM
Updated: 30/11/2010 - 07:48PM

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My 1st of many mods


This is CommanderCrazy reporting in...
Im sorry to say, but I've been busy for quite a long while.
My reports show that this mod might not be dead!
The shock paddles are online and im moving in with
the medics! (they're my team)
All i can say at this time is, "Brace For EPIC!"
Further Reports as they come.
CommanderCrazy Out...


with the help offered by CommanderCrazy and his skills with geck, w would be able to smooth out the bugs and genraly get this vault onto its next beta and hopefuly, eventually finshed.

As From 07/06/09:


for the time being, untill my machien is full operational again this mod wont be updated.

All are welcome to use, edit and upload. use this as a layout so you can develop or practice your ideas.

As From 26/04/09:

BETA 1 is up
Be warned it is buggy.

to get to the vault follow my instruction in the TXT file

then once in the game type COC vault001 in your console

IF YOU have experence in GECK i give you permission to fix,add/take, from the vault to get it working. (PM ME BEFORE YOU DO)

As From 25/04/09:

the vault is near completion
just working on the level entrnce and the level portals.
so far it runs good so a download should be up soon.

only issues are the portals are gay and some of the rooms may be buggy.

As from 20/04/09:

As this is my veryfirst mod and it is a rarther big one, it will be a slow process. so being able to show you a conpleted version or a working download will be a wile.

Please bare with me as i slowly build this Vault up dureing any freetime i can get my hands on.

Thank you.