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First things first, this page is a hosting page for four different Bolter interpetations.

1. Sparky84's V3 Boltgun. FINAL
2. NEW The Outlander's V3 Boltguns. FINAL
3. Overload1977's Fire Warrior Bolter.
4. Overload1977's Dawn of War Boltgun.

It is up to you the user to use the one you like best.

Please when rating or making comments be specific about which interpetation you are rating / commenting on.

TheOutlander's Boltguns V3 - No OA Version:

Video by theLeeHarvey

NEW TheOutlander's Boltguns V3

1. Requires Operation Anchorage - which must be in your Data folder.
Note: There is a Non-Anchorage requiring version uploaded. Just replace the esp file you get in "TheOutlanders Boltguns V3" with the one from "TheOutlanders Boltugns V3 No OA required".

2. Contains two Boltgun types, Scoped Semi-Auto Boltgun and Boltgun (Auto).

3. Scoped Semi-Auto Boltgun:
Faster fire rate than V2 Boltgun but still a semi-automatic.
Now has scope and zooms like a scoped weapon.

4. Boltgun (Auto):
Fully Automatic Boltgun, fires around 5 shots per second.
Extremely powerful kills even tough things fast (you have been warned).
Doesn't have a scope.

5. Both Boltguns have been moved to Cantebury Commons, they can be found in the garage building near the safe (the building the CC guards sleep in).

TheOutlander's Semi-Auto boltguns V2

Differences between TheOutlander's Boltgun and Sparky84's:
Rate of fire decreased significantly.
Attack animation changed to coincide with the rate of fire reduction.
No longer an automatic weapon (automatic + lowered rate of fire = weird non-firing bugs).
Bullet projectile replaced with 14mm bullet projectile by joefoxx082.
Sound changed to be more appropriate.
Damage adjusted in line with rate of fire.
Knockback adjusted.
Explosive effects adjusted.
Pipboy image from rsugar's original mod added.
Uneccessary files removed (rsugar's original nif isn't needed etc).
Assaultrifle.nif renamed to bolter.nif and textures inside repathed to the correct zones (no more flicker).

Tons of other minor adjustment changes...

There are two versions, the only difference is the sound used when firing. Both are labeled.
One version requires Operation Anchorage (my prefered version, it uses the Gauss Rifle firing sound), the other version doesn't require OA (it has the best subsitute sound for those without OA).

new bolter edited from rsugars with new bolter 3d model and texture.

Version 1.1

better hand grip and position on the bolter lowered the rate of fire. clip now positioned in the center

version 1.0

bolter now fixed with sound thanks to dragarr

I looked it over and there was flickering on the magazine.
I looked at it in GECK and you missed assigning the texture to the magazine and a few other places.

I fixed those and made up a new normal map. Still not perfect but adds more details.
Also noticed both texture and normal were 500 pixels. I resized them both to 512. DDS files that are non-standard sizes can do some funny things ingame.

Sparky84's bolter can be found in megaton crater supplies on the weapons tool bench.

use with this awesome mod

space marine armor


thanks to rsugar for original mod
bolter model obiwan from 3d heretics
joefoxx082 for the new 14mm bullet projectile
TheOutlander for TheOutlander's Boltgun series.
overload1977 for overload1977's Boltgun series.