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Added: 15/11/2008 - 06:29AM
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NOTE: This mod was created very shortly after the release of Fallout 3 using an early unofficial tool, and is thus probably not fully compatible with newer versions of the game and may cause problems. I also knew very little about what I was doing at the time, so... you have been warned.

Compared to its predecessors, the chems in Fallout 3 seem to be a little bit weak, and the withdrawals are little more than a minor inconvenience.

This mod rebalances the effects of the buffing chems by increasing and adding to the good effects, while adding different side effects for each. Now you can mix and match chems to balance out bad side effects or to buff one or more skills considerably. The different types of alcohol are also rebalanced depending on the strength and type of alcohol.
I've also tweaked the chance of becoming addicted to each chem (default was 30% for almost every addictive chem), as well as the actual withdrawal effects. If you become addicted to a chem now, you will actually need to keep taking it or get cured, as the withdrawals are not to be ignored anymore.

As a bonus, Med-X is now called Morphine as it should have been.

**Fire Ant Nectar has not been modified, as its effects seemed balanced enough, and I was never able to get my character addicted to it despite its 20 percent chance of addiction (or 75% when I was testing withdrawals...).

Thanks to ironhandjustice, there is now a Spanish translation for this mod in the downloads, as well.


Place the .esp file in the (Installation Directory)\Fallout3\Data\ folder, then use either the Data Files manager in the Fallout launcher or fomm (Fallout Mod Manager) to enable the mod.

Descriptions of the New Effects

**\NOTE: As your chance of addiction goes up with each use, these are base values./**


Jet -
60% chance of addiction.
Effects: AP +30, AGL +3, PER -1, CHR -2
Withdrawals: CHR -3, AGL -3, STR -3

Psycho -
40% chance of addiction
Effects: Damage +25%, STR+3, PER +2, INT -3
Withdrawals: PER -2, END -3, STR -3

Buffout -
25% chance of addiction
Effects: HP +60, STR +2, END +3, INT -1
Withdrawals: STR -3, END -3, AGL -2

Morphine -
50% chance of addiction
Effects: Dam.Res. +33, END +3, AGL -2, PER -2
Withdrawals: INT -2, AGL -3, STR -3

Nuka Cola Quantum -
12% chance of addiction (left at default)
Effects: AP +20, AGL +1

Mentats -
20% chance of addiction
Effects: PER +3, INT +3, LCK +3, END -2
Withdrawals: PER -3, INT -2, AGL -2

UltraJet -
75% chance of addiction
Effects: AP +60, AGL +4, PER -2, CHR -3
Withdrawals: CHR -4, AGL -4, STR -4


Alcohol Withdrawals: CHR -2, AGL -2, END -3


STR +1, CHR +1, INT -1, PER -1

STR +1, CHR +2, INT -1, PER -2

STR +2, END +1, INT -2, PER -1

STR +3, END +2, INT -3, PER -2

STR +2, END +3, INT -2, PER -3

**/The chance of becoming addicted to alcohol has not been altered from the default, as I couldn't find the value.\**

Issues & Compatibility Notes

- Mods that affect the 'Alchemy' or Aid items group or any of the withdrawal 'Spell' effects will override the changes in this mod, so either choose one or load whichever you prefer last to use another mod's changes.

- Some of the chems don't have enough space in the Status/Effects screen to display all the effects, it's not a major issue, but the text is cut off, so Morphine and Psycho do not display the last 3 characters. The effects do display in the Inventory, and are properly added or subtracted from your character's stats.