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For this to work, you must go into your FALLOUT.ini (located in "*yourdrive*:\Documents and Settings\*yourname*\My Documents\My Games\Fallout3"), and change this line:
to this:


Change the line as shown above, but your .ini is located in
*YOUR DRIVE*:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\My Games\Fallout3


This mod simply removes the sound you hear when you do something bad. It in fact replaces it with silence. This was done on request of "The Dictator" of the Nexus Forums.

It's use is to stop the noise becoming annoying when you do a lot of evil things at once, such as stealing a lot of stuff.


Place the Sound folder into your "\Fallout 3\Data\" folder. Follow the important instructions that are located above.


Just delete the new "sound" folder from your DATA folder. If you have other sound enhancements, then go to "sound/fx/ui" and delete the Bad Karma Sound there.

Version History:

1.0: Replaces the Bad Karma sound with silence.


MechanicalPirate/Curtis64 (Yay, early F03 Modder :D )