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Due to the many changes and restructuring of the mod this release is being classed as a beta. Everything works fine on my system but the only way to be sure is for other people to play the mod. Please report any problems if you encounter any and include information on which Rat Trap plug-ins you were using.
If everything works for you, again let me know so I can remove the beta tag. If your comment goes into detail on plot aspects or levels please post your comment in the discussion section for the mod so as to keep spoilers off the main comment section. This is for the benefit of players who prefer not to know what happens in the vault before playing it.
Thanks for your help.

This mod adds a vault inhabited by the Chinese. Lots of Chinese. Why are the Chinese army in a vault?, who's in charge?, What are their plans?. It's up to you to find out, search for allies and ensure that any threats to the wasteland are neutralised.
Rat Trap Remastered is a major overhaul of the mod, it's still the same detailed quest and intense combat but with a lot of added content contained in the plug-ins Extra dialogue has been added and all the npc's are now fully voiced in Chinese. There are 15 new Chinese poster textures and Chun Li one of the potential companions has a new hairstyle and cheeky outfit.
You now have the option to set the mod's difficulty level before entering the vault, so you can tailor the mod to suit your style of play. There are options to change the number of enemies you will face in the vault and also their aggressiveness. You can also choose to set the vaults companions as essential until the quest is complete. Even when set to easy, the combat can get a little tricky in places if your not careful, so be prepared, don't go storming in with your gun blazing or you'll die a quick death.
For those who have played before, be aware, not everything is as it was.

The vault is located south of megaton, near a billboard, just follow the compass marker. There are also screen shots showing it's location in the gallery.

Release Notes
The mod now comes as a master file as opposed to an esp, so people can choose which plug-ins they wish to download. Here is a list of the current Rat Trap files and their required load order, you can place any other mod's before, after or between the Rat Trap esp files without problems. RatTrapRemastered.esm should be placed near the top of your load order with any other master files you have installed.


RatTrapSound.esp must be The last Rat Trap file in your load order, for the Oriental background music to work.

I've tested this mod with about 40 other mods for compatibility and haven't come across any conflicts but if you find any, let me know and I'll investigate. Any new objects in this mod are exactly that and do not overwrite any existing Fallout 3 objects.
The main compressed file RatTrapRemastered.esm contains the meshes and textures for the vaults doors and are essential to play the mod.

Thanks to mercury00 for the blank vault doors. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1340
Thanks to Backsteppo for his animation. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1391

This plug-in contains the added visuals for the mod.
There are 15 authentic, 1950's, Communist propaganda posters, each with 3 different stages of decay. These help give the vault a more Chinese look and feel.
Chun Li has had a bit of a makeover. She now has a new hairstyle taken from YoshikinaKota's Hair Pack, the only changes I made to the original hair was to reposition it slightly and recolour the ribbons blue and white, to match her new outfit. Her eye's were taken from the same pack and are green, in homage to the classic film "Big Trouble In Little China", the title of which could double as a description of her. Chun Li's new outfit is based on Npr's Amy Armour using bronsons conversion. I wanted Chun Li wearing blue and white but as that option wasn't available, I recoloured the outfit myself and being a complete novice at that kind of thing, I'm quite pleased with the results.

Thanks to YoshikinaKota for the hairstyle and eyes. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1146
Thanks to Npr for the Amy Armour. http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24443
Thanks to bronson for his Amy Armour conversion. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6633
Thanks to Luchaire for the eyelashes.

This plug-in contains all the dialogue sounds and background music for the vault.
All the dialogue sounds are in Chinese. I gathered some samples of Chinese speech and then spliced them to fit the dialogue I'd written. If like me, you don't speak Chinese, it's easy to believe your being told to "die like a dog" while your listening to someone talking about the weather. The sound quality matches that of the main games voices really well and all the samples are crystal clear.
There's lots of dialogue in the mod, mainly centred around the 2 potential companions, with Chun Li alone, having over a hundred lines of dialogue. Killer now has the maniacal voice he was silently screaming for, making him much more fun to have around. With the added voice files, both companions are now viable full time followers.
The background music is a collection of Chinese folk and Tai Chi music, there are five tracks totalling around 25 minutes. These tracks really give the vault a Chinese atmosphere and compliment the sound of gunfire perfectly.

Thanks to "The Internet Chinese Music archive" http://music.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/chinese-music/

This plug-in adds the CCP Radio Station to your pipboy.
The station consists of 30 tracks of Chinese music dating from the 1950's, with a sprinkling of dictatorial sounding speeches in between. The sound quality isn't the best as these are old recordings and the files I had to work with were only 8bit mono. Don't be put off by my comments about the sound quality, they don't sound bad, but CD quality they're not. There are some catchy tunes to be heard in the mix, I've tried to keep the military link but choose songs that people might like and that fit with the retro theme of the game.
The radio is activated on completion of the main quest. For people who have completed the mod prior to downloading this plug-in, to activate the radio just re-enter the vault.

Here's a list of all the music tracks included:

  1. Wusuli Boat Song.
  2. Kindness Of Mao.
  3. Small Bamboo Raft.
  4. Song Of Oil Workers.
  5. I Love Beijing Tiananmen.
  6. Red Star Shining.
  7. Ode To Shao Shan.
  8. Fleet Returns To Base.
  9. Blood Soaked Elegance.
  10. My Motherland.
  11. Why Roses Red.
  12. No CCP No China.
  13. Ode To Plum.
  14. Socialism Good.
  15. Chinese Volunteers Battle Song.
  16. Women Detachment Anthem.
  17. Song Of Guerrilla.
  18. Communist Young Pioneers Song.
  19. Bei Feng Chui.
  20. Yellow_River_Ballad
  21. Great Road Song
  22. Singer At Sky Edge
  23. Defending Yellow River
  24. Nan Ni Wan
  25. Sky Over Liberated Zone
  26. Four Seasons
  27. Red Leaves
  28. Oversea Children
  29. Night Of Navy Port
  30. White Feather

This is a list of the various speeches used

  1. Mao Zedong 01-10-1949
  2. Mao Zedong 15-09-1954
  3. Zhu De 01-10-1953
  4. Zhou Enlai 30-09-1974.
  5. Zhou Enlai ??
  6. Deng Xiaoping 01-09-1982

Thanks to "The Internet Chinese Music archive" http://music.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/chinese-music/

Rat Trap Remastered requires all older versions of Rat Trap be removed from your Fallout3/Data folder, before installing this version.
If you don't already use "archive invalidation invalidated" I recommend you download from the link below and install it.

Extract the files, then copy the contents of the "Rat Trap Remastered" folder, into your Fallout3/Data folder. If prompted, do you want to merge folders, click on yes. The process is the same for any of the Rat Trap esp's you choose to add.

Navigate to your "Fallout3/Data folder", delete "Rat Trap Remastered.esm" and any Rat Trap esp's you've installed, then type Rat into the folders search bar and delete any Rat Trap folders that your operating system finds.

Have uploaded missing mesh and textures for Chun Li's eyelashes that should have been included with the Eye Candy plug-in.
During final boss fight background music seems to get stuck and can sometimes cause a crash, to avoid this either disable the music or play the pipboy radio while fighting the boss, after this point everything runs normally again.

Implement the aggression setting on the difficulty menu.
Replace some dialogue sounds and lip files I'm not happy with.
Add combat dialogue for the companions.
Add dirt stains to the posters.

Geck v1.5 http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php/Main_Page
FO3Edit v2.5.3 http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=637
Fallout mod manager v0.12.3 http://sourceforge.net/projects/fomm/
NifSkope v1.0.22 http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Paint.NET v3.5.5 http://paint.net/
Audacity v1.3.12 http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Please take the time to leave a comment on what you thought of the mod as it's taken a lot of work to complete and leaving a comment will only take you a couple of minutes.

Hope you enjoy.