Better PreWar and Burned Books by ObsidianStag
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Added: 05/02/2009 - 08:28PM
Updated: 11/11/2015 - 10:44PM

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Last updated at 22:44, 11 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 20:28, 5 Feb 2009

Hey Wastelanders, if any ya'll get down on some Skyrim, I have a few retextures up in that corner of the Nexus...

Detailing the Eldrich-Higher-Res Apocrypha
Detailing the Eldrich-Higher-Res Riekling Architecture

Update - There are now 6 separate files for download:
the original retexture pack, the grimier books, and now 4 prewar only variant packs.
Unless anyone has requests, I don't think I'll be doing anymore of these damned books. Enjoy!

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Name: Hi-Res Generic and Burned Books Retexture
Author: ObsidianStag

version 1.Something
Hi-Res Books.

Just a simple retexture I did out of boredom... This mod replaces the default generic pre-war and burned book textures with larger, and more detailed
versions, which have been reworked entirely. I enlarged them to 512, up from 256, including the normal maps. Also included, but not pictured,
is the bedside manual from a certain seduction mod...

1. Extract the Data folder inside of the archive to your Fallout 3 root directory.

2.Edit your Fallout.ini file, located in your 'my games' folder, changing the binvalidateolderfilesvalue to 1 ( binvalidateolderfiles=1).

1. Delete the generic and burned book textures in your clutter folder.

2. Update your Archiveinvalidation text.

Feel free to use these textures in other mods, or hires packs, just contact/credit me is all I ask.

Check out my mods as a part of Ultimate Load Order and FOOK.