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Prepare for something different, folks. I was wandering through the wasteland, asking myself "What hasn't been done in Fallout 3 yet? What would be a nice, original home I could test my skills with making?" and I just happened to be standing in the shadow of a massive water tower. You know where this is going...

So I now present to you the Water Tower Hideout. I've been working on this for quite awhile. Admittedly, I spent about 5 hours last night (probably a bit more) working on the story alone and writing the long entries in the terminal. Read them for the story, folks. Tell me what you think about it. I put a lot of work into not only the writing, but also the hideout itself. That's obvious, though. What kind of hideout would it be if it were just a few walls and some couches? Ha ha ha. I have my own expectations to meet. :)

This is only the start of water tower hideout. Currently only one large, detailed circular room large enough to fill up the interior of the tower itself. (half of it is submerged and below you, though)
I put a lot of effort into this, but -constructive- criticism will help me make it even better.

Share your ideas for the next parts to add in! Ideas for the story! All things, please.

A marker appears on your map. Travel to it to discover the tower. (fast-travel disabled until you discover it)


Small bug with purifier causing it to need extra items to run. Sorry about that! :P

New script for purifier to have it do ALL of your dirty waters instead of one at a time.
Second floor.
Nerfed weapons stash.
More storage.
Too much... Blergh... *dies*